Mental Ray struggles


opps I almost forgot, it is to my understanding that windows 32 bit version doesnt handle memory in the high ranges too well something about an 1 gig memory cap or something like that so I dont see how getting more memory would benefit you, I have that same problem when trying to render shave and haircut using MR instead of maya…


I had a similar problem in Maya 4.5. I heard afterwards that setting the memory limit to 700 or 800 will improve stability. I didn’t get to test this in 4.5 but it does improve stability in Maya 5. I’m not sure exactly where this setting is to be found in 4.5 but I think its called Memory Limit and is -1 by default.

Also memory mapped textures are a very good idea if you’re running out of RAM. You should look that up in th MR docs.


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