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I just find this link about creating clouds with vray fog:

I wander if something similar is possible with Mental Ray?
someone ever tried this??


The best is Vue for mental ray User. Without external Stuff, can you use the Partivolumen Shader or the Atmosphere Gizmo.

hot chip


The Binary Alchemy has a great volume shader to make clouds. But as thorsten hartmann
said, the VUE is much better.


Is this shader available for max too?


Yes, it works in XSI, Maya and 3Ds Max, in SO Windows and

But… they say that officially the shader version 3.7.1 does not support the max, but I installed and ran.


those ba vols look terribles to me. Not too much introduced into vols for 3dsmax, but wouldn’t fumefx be the best solution here ?



Thanks Tiago! I was in under such impression that these shaders are for XSI only. I will check out later.


same for me! and it s free???


I have been trying to turn a simple box or shape into a light source to create photographic specular highlights - a little more advanced than an area light.

I found and have the geomshader dll from max plugins - but I cannot find a current mi for Max 2010? Does anyone know of a way to get an updated mi? or is there a way to do this in Max 2010 that I am not aware of?

I am lighting my scene with HDR skylight and environment matching - I want to use some geometry to generate large soft speculars?



Don’t waste your time. The geo shader setup doesn’t work well with 3ds Max. It’s very unstable/unreliable inside 3ds Max (but works well in Maya).

Geometry lights wouldn’t generate specular highlights anyway. It would be actual reflections from the geometry. If you want fake specular highlights, stick with the 3ds Max lights. If you want actual reflections, use 3ds max lights without specular & self-illuminated geometry.


I really like the results I get from refraction using the diffraction shader from Daniel Rind over the lglass v.2 shader, however the diffraction shader for 3D Studio Max doesn’t include reflection. Is there any way to produce reflection on the diamonds using the diffraction shader in combination with another shader?

This is what I get with the lglass shader:

This is what I get with the diffraction shader:

I prefer the results of the diffraction shader, again however the refelction is missing.

Hey Jeff, do you have recommendation on how to improve the look of these renders? I’m not sure if I have the best settings for final gather, etc. for this render setup. I could send you the file if you want to do some testing yourself on how to get the best and optimal speed results. I’m currently using v-ray to do my jewelry renders, but would prefer using mental ray as I can use lens effects to create on-the-fly post process sparkles and glares using the glare shader.


I’m a bit strapped for time right now but quickly: You may want to try this so you could use the A&D material instead.


I tried using this method for diffraction but its a bit slow, and you have to save the image manually once the render is complete.


Can someone with 3ds Max 2009 B[/B] please post the subsurface.dll file. Seems that it’s still borked (2010 & 2011) and I really don’t feel like installing 3ds Max 2009 just for one .dll file, especially just to test something. :argh:

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it -

(thanks Paulo)


Hey that site is pretty awesome! LOL Kidding aside, I find a bit of irony in you finding what you needed there :wink:


Hey Jeff, can you tell us what is wrong with the subsurface.dll?


I don’t know what’s technically wrong with it. What I do know is the physical SSS material doesn’t work (only produces NaN errors) in the 64bit versions of 3ds Max 2010 & 2011 and it did work in 3ds Max 2009 (and prior). If you swap out the 64bit subsurface.dll file in 2010/2011 with the one from 2009, the physical SSS material magically works again.

With that being said:

  1. Yes, I’ve ‘officially’ logged the problem a few times.
  2. I’m sure the physical SSS material isn’t too widely used (myself included) so the problem is probably not a big concern for many users especially if they can just swap out dll files as needed.


Thanks for the explanation Jeff, maybe Zap could tell something about it, but he’s being too quiet lately, even with max 2011 release… that’s not a good sign… :hmm:
And I guess you’re right, SSS physical is not widely used… myself included. :smiley:


except if hes working on something cool in his secret lab off course… :wink: