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That’s what the roughness param is for :wink: Also, your surface is too flat - curve it up a bit and you’ll get some reflection.


hey all,
I have to create a Hot Metal material. I don’t find anything about this on
Any idea or links?
thank you guys


This piece exactly - I’d go with the refraction depth color, and then a few glows in post. Treat it like tinted solid piece of glass basically.


FWIW You could also paint a map to blend between the heated/non-heated areas. Vertex paint works well for this as does the render surface map features in 3ds Max 2010. I realize the example I just posted is rather basic, but IMHO with a more detailed blend map it may also work.



Thank you guys,
I tried BA_Color_raylenght to create effect like vraydirt (reverse AO normals)
I ll post my renders soon.


Jeff, this has turned into a “Request a Material” thread with you doing a lot of material authoring, mind if I put toghether a list of things I want? :wink:


vertex paint with a blend works very fine. thank you Jeff.


I certainly hope it isn’t actually viewed like that. :hmm:

Sure! Just fill out form JP-3044-a in triplicate for each material and fax it over on a day that starts with the letter Q :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, glad it worked out. :thumbsup:


You can use the Warp Texture for 3Ds Max He used to mark the edges.

In this link has a tutorial showing how to use it


Problem is there is no mental ray plugin that will warp textures. Both WarpTexture and Bercon Maps Distortion variation only work with standard plugin renderers (brazil, fr, scanline, or vray).



I have had this on my hard drive for some time - my foray into Caustics in MAx2008-2010.

I have no idea if this is the “correct” way to do caustics but it was the settings I found that worked for me. I documented what I did to create this, and put the scene for download on my website : - includes animation.

I also played with a simple A&D water texture using refraction colour depth to simulate depth (similar effect like the old Lume depth shader) and an Ocean displacement map. The texture is included in the scene.

Hope it is of some use, and if anybody has any comments on how to improve the Caustic settings please let me know.



Hey all!

I was reading some tutorials earlier and I came across this:

With Vray you can have really good results with VrayDiscplacementMod. But how can we achieve similar effects with Mental ray?

The reason I ask is because I want to create decent looking rug, or a patch of grass - without having to resort to solid geometry / hair&fur.


Have a look over on, i think Jeff Patton had something in his blog about the grass.

Yep, I did see something over there.


Hi All,

 Just thought I would share this.
 I'm trying to develop some basic metal materials for an upcoming project. This one is aluminum with some scuffs, like you would get in a workshop.

I was also trying to create the look of metal that has been welded like the one shown below. Has anyone got any ideas how this could be achieved.



This image plus a dirty mind is a dangerous combination.



I’ve added another image to try and get your mind back on track MasterZap



I’ve added another image to try and get your mind back on track MasterZap
nahh… thats impossible to get zap mind back on track.


I just find this link about creating clouds with vray fog:

I wander if something similar is possible with Mental Ray?
someone ever tried this??


The best is Vue for mental ray User. Without external Stuff, can you use the Partivolumen Shader or the Atmosphere Gizmo.

hot chip


The Binary Alchemy has a great volume shader to make clouds. But as thorsten hartmann
said, the VUE is much better.