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Thank You Jeff and Dave!
I really appreciate you to take some of your precious time for helping others.

After a repair install , excessive dlz and mi files download and numerous hours wondering what was wrong I finaly found my mistake…

Shame on me!

I realized that the dll was not in the good directory… :rolleyes:

Yeah well… I now know how to install 3rd party shader corectly hehehe

Here is a simple render that I got after an hour of messing around with the shader. I used the ctrl obj shader discussed in the previous pages to control the sampling on a per object basis.

Is it possible to have some kind of highlights on that? It is hard to have accurate results when all the object’s appearance seems controlled by the environnement map.

Or am I wrong?

My lights (Large photometric area lights ) do not seem to affect the look of the render by any means. Even when they are set to very high intensity.

Thank you for all and I’ll sure be around this thread to try what’s new with MR


Can somebody upload Master Zap’s SSS skin plus shader? The blog link is not working :frowning:


I just tried it, the blog link works fine:



Thanx, maxplugins! I think it’s problems with proxy on my work. I tried outer CGI proxy and it downloaded.


I am trying to created the effect of the attached photos. The plexiglass is lit by an LED, and the light passes through illuminating the edges and etched surfaces. Has anyone been able to achieve this? I have seen one render where it was done, but I am not sure of the A&D material settings that were used.


You can easily fake that with some self-illumination, like I did here:

Link to material:


Is this Jeff guy good or what! :wink:


I have noticed that when using the A&D mat that the anisotropic parameters do stretch the highlight but do not stretch the reflections. Is there a workaround for this ? Am I missing something here ?



Hi Mike,
I just did a quick test with a HDRI background and the reflections look blurred to me.
Default Chrome and Brushed metal templates.
Do you have an example ?


Thanks for the response.
Ill have to post an example tomarrow from work. I do get blurred refections. But the reflections from other objects are not stretched. I am working on an interior of an elevator, that is completely made of stainless steel. The specular highlights are nice and stretched, but the elevator door, light fixtures, etc., are blurry but not stretched. I have had to resort to texture maps for the time being.

BTW, I was using the brushed metal preset of the A&D as well.



Haggi programmed a Volume Shader for Voxel Import. You can import RawVox oder 3dCoat Voxel models.

 More information can be found in the German Mental Ray Forum. [](

 []( result from RawVox import:

First result from 3dCoat import (just the Voxel Base Grid)

      Voxel Link collection


A very fist version of the 3DCoatVolume shader mentioned above is available here:

Its 32 bit only at the moment.


@ Jeff. I’m trying to setup a silver car paint material and came across this great resource I couldn’t see an authors name anywhere so i assumed it was you.:smiley: If so,are there plans to release the last part featuring the all important silver paint setup. If not…any tips?

i’m finding it quite difficult to get silver car paint looking accurate as it’s obviously not just a case of adjusting the colour range to whites and greys.

Edit: just saw a MasterZap bloglink on that site so it appears i assumed wrong.


Not me, that’s David McKie’s website. He’s fairly active over at so you may want to ask him there if he doesn’t see this first.


Cheers Jeff. Sorry for the mix up.I wasn’t sure who’s work it was as there was no apparent indication. I’ll check that site.:thumbsup:


Hey Danny, this site is from David Mckie, you can find him here sometimes:

Maybe you can send him an e-mail asking about this tutorial. I agree with you, silver painting is really hard to achieve, I like to blend two metal materials, one with high glossiness and the other with low glossiness, better when using vrayblendmtl but you can try it with mray and blend material.

edit: sorry, I didn’t read Jeff post. :wink:


Cheers Flavio,i might just send him an inquiry as i’m having terrible results trying to achieve the elusive Silver car paint.


This is my first real attempt at serious MR shading and lighting.(with a great legup from JP’s vid tut)I have a few problems that i wondered if anyone had any advice.
On the image below: the brake discs and tire sidewall have bump mapping applied but no matter what i seem to tweak i can’t seem to get a crisp result. I thought it might be an issue with reflection settings but i’ve tried so many different settings that i’m sure i’m wrong.
The maps are pretty highres and test render fine if i apply them to the diffuse component.
The render below has pretty high settings all round.

Also,on a sidenote, does anybody know what that weird banding is that runs across the BG image? I can’t seem to get rid of it.Even if i just render it as a regular BG environment map with nothing else going on in the scene it shows up.

any input would be greatly recieved,cheers.


The banding is the arial perspective turned on in the physical sky. Just turn it off.

Fot the bump mapping, try turning the blur settings to like .1 or .01 in the map rollout.

Nice render !



Mike is right set the blurring somewhere below .6(you may need to go as far down as it will go-.01 in some cases), and for bump maps I usually use summed area filtering.