Mental Ray Shaders Tab


I cant get it! :hmm:

Ive done the fix as you can see!

Whats the further solution?

THanks in advance


You should not be looking for MR Shaders under Bake Sets.

MR Shaders are >

Click with RMB on Create Mat panel in Hypershade


choose Create Render Node

(you should see these shaders in Create menu in Hypershade


I thought that im supposed to have a mental Ray shaders tab?

Also under render node there is still not a mental ray tab…

Just materials |Textures | Lights | Utilities

Thanks for the reply


Create -> mental ray … ?


I must be missing something here…

some more pics.



mental ray is loaded ? - the script editor and the output window should contain some information regarding mental ray after starting maya - what does the script editor/output window say?


ok…not good…upon checking Mental Ray has vanished…

Its not there…

THere is no message saying that its loaded…its just gone…

Its not in -Render Using or render globals…

I have deleted the line in the environment file saved it and also deleted the system variable but that still hasnt got it back…

ANy ideas would b great…


plugin manager


as far as i can see it’s there - the plugin is called mayatomr - check auto load and then restart maya


I have a tutorial on this on my website!


Originally posted by Jozvex
[B]I have a tutorial on this on my website! [/B]

I think everyone crashed your site… :banghead:


Darn that geocities!!

Well it seems to work again now.


This is why CGtalk is one of the best communities in the WORLD.

THANKS GUYS :bounce: :beer:

Its now working for me.

And as for you Jozvex :buttrock: you seem to be every where :buttrock:

Thanks for all you help


Hehe, I’m behind you right now!!! :eek:

I’m just obsessed with CG forums.


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