Mental Ray Shader Discussion


I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes by starting this thread but as a old 3dsmax user I have found that the Mental Ray Shader Discussion thread (in the 3dsmax section) to be the most helpful bit of information on this forum. I was hoping now with the price cuts and user base growing in the XSI community we could start a Mental Ray thread for XSI. Since XSI has a more complex shading tree it would be really nice to share information on rendertrees, presets and techniques.

For reference I have been using Jeff Patton’s great Mental Ray resource page to see if I could achieve some of the same effects without the lume shaders.

One of my biggest problems is getting good results from the XSI glow post effect. Here is an example of trying to achieve glows without lume glow.


    [Scene File](

Feel free to post your experiments and techniques dealing with Mental Ray in XSI. Post scene files, presets, and screen captures of your rendertrees to help with the discussion.

 3dsmax Mental Ray Discussion - [](http://showthread.php?t=104578)


It would be an interresting thread. :thumbsup:
I will put exemple as soon as I find a bit time to.



Not getting the best results with Lume Metal. This shader also kicks up render time. :frowning:




Great Idea… :bounce:

will contribute questions and [when if ever I know] answers.

Also… Lume_links would be xcelent.

If anyone can post a good brushed metal tree and settings that would be grand. I am struggling.


Lymmen over at XSI base was nice enough to port all the lume shaders :slight_smile:;action=display;threadid=15720;start=2[b]



Simply reduce NOISE AMPLITUDE in the glow to ZERO…oh and when You want somethink to glow: use Constant shader instead of Lambert.

Good Luck friend!


Oh, DCON, You are using Lume metal in wrong way:

Use it like that:

some shader ( blin ) —> (SurfaceMaterial) Lume_Metal -----> Material

Good luck.


here my unfinished contribution. This is for sole for the purpose that i would love to see this thread become a sticky due to the major lack of resources that can be found for xsi especially concerning preset shaders (maybe im not finding)

Heres my basic skinshader for dealing with light.Im focusing on the terminator and scatter.It also has sss but can’t see it try to get a better version up soon and maybe better light.

Im soon going to plug a paint texture on it to see how it is hopefully it will work as expected


nice ziah…

it would really benefit if we can keep it a rule to post rendertrees… and ppg settings with your shot


not a bad idea strang .However I have a probelm with sharing unfinished things . I posted to get some early feedback on the items which i mentioned where my main focus. But for sure i will put up a rendertree soon i guess


The lume shaders can be used in many different ways… all of them are correct :slight_smile:

I hope to see this thread grow, I will contribute as much as I can.

My vote for “sticky”

best regards
stefan andersson


Thanks qba3d, your tip helped me solve the problem I was having.

Much better…


Any chance someone can post a step by step on how to use Glare?


For best results add a glow node to your rendertree on your object.

  To use glare you need to create a new empty pass.

  Pass / New Pass / Empty

In the PPG, click the output shaders tab and add a Lume_Glare.

  Here is an example

  The glare is rendered in last as post. So don’t worry if you don’t see a result in your render region right off.

I’m also still learning this stuff myself. So my rendertree may be a little off. But like StefanA said “The lume shaders can be used in many different ways… all of them are correct”.


Thanks a ton :slight_smile:


How about doing the same with the rest of the Lume shaders for reference for those who are not as firmiliar with them and the rendertree as others?

Excellent thread btw… I hope it becomes a sticky!


Yes, good idea…
Maybe a short comment per shader how to connect them in the rendertree and such, and how to start with post render shaders like glare.

cheers all,



Took sometime off from working with lume shaders (since the latest build is bugged). So I started working on creating a wet looking shader. Here’s what I got so far.



yo thats quite nice there man :slight_smile: i’ll have to give it a go and then tweak it and such see waht i can make


** edit **
Doh…solved… it