Mental Ray - plainblack results - FreeArea lights


hi all,

i have a simple room (box with three holes + shell modifier) with a door and two windows and a teapot in it.
for each of the windows i placed a free area light (direction = ok). when i render, the only thing i get is BLACK - when i place a “mr Area omni” into the room i get a plainred result (the color of my room model !!!).

i saw a tutorial video where the guy makes the same. he has an additional skylight in the sceene (when i try this i get RED too).

i use mental ray as renderer.
im sure it is something simple but i just don’t get it.

thx for your help


Give your lights 100 times the power they have just now and render.
Yes: Fine
No: Post the scene, I have to see myself what is wrong. You can use for post things. Please zip it.


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