Mental Ray+ OpenEXR


Hi there, I was just curious to know if Mental Ray (the version included with 3ds max 6) supports openEXR files by default. I know that Brazil R/S needs a special plugin for that, but am not sure about MR. Anyone has experiences?
Thanks for your help.


I found the answer by myself. It does not support openexr be default but it will once you installed the new openexr plugin for 3ds max 6 which can be found on the Splutterfish homepage. It was initially posted for the use with Brazil but it has a general function which only allows max to recognize *.exr files and has nothing to do with the used render engine.


I was curious as to how well the EXR code would work with Maya, any luck? I don’t have a version of Maya at home that’s why I asked?


I use HDRI images with 3dsmax 6.0 , what is so Different with ILM’s OpenXpr? Does it provides better quality or something? Has anyone used it successfully and furthermore, do you have any renderes done using EXPR format?


Well, I usually use EXR file instead of HDR files where possible. You will hadly a notice a difference between image rendered with HDR or EXR file format. EXR is just a compressed floating point format and leaves out unused data in order to reduce filesizes.
You may want to check this site for further information.
Open EXR
You may also want to ckeck this thread My Ferrari F360
if you would like to see an image created with Brazil and the EXR format.
Hope this was helpful. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that helped a lot. Actually i believe i can save some RAM/HD by using EXR. Btw. Nice render!.

Is there a way to use it with max 6.0 apart from Brazil R/s?


You just need the EXR plugin from the Splutterfish site. It i somewhere in the download section. Be sure to choose the 3ds max 6 version. The main problem is that there are only very few exr files out there for free. You can find some on the exr site but if you want more or different files you probably have to buy a CD from EXR- Files (which I will do soon by the way.
There is no difference between the handling of EXR and HDR files in max by the way. Only the adjustment screen that pops up once you select an exr file is different to the HDR window where you normally would adjust you exposure, blackpoint, whitepoint etc.
Have fun.:thumbsup:


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