Mental Ray ignores surface!


Hi Guys!
Haven’t found a solution with the search so here we go… : When I render out my scene it just completely ignores a part of my object!.. All the other parts are rendered out nicely, but 1part misses… I can see it clearly in the viewports but MR ignores it!!.. I compared all the options in the Attribute Editor with a part that does render, but there is nothing different!
Somebody got a solution?
Thanx in advance…



Does the Maya Renderer render all your objects? In this case you can rule out any object settings. If the problem still persists, try a brand new scene with MR loaded up (the MR nodes are created) and import your model and try rendering again.


Mr. Goodbyte


Yes… No problems when rendering with the standard maya renderer, only in MR!

Tryed a new scene but it didn’t help!


What’s the part made of, NURBS? If it’s SubD that could be your problem as SubDs in Mental Ray need to either be fully quad or fully triangles surfaces.


Yeah it are all subdiv surfaces… Or they began their life as Polygonal Cubes, but converted in Subdiv along the way… How can I make them fully quad or trianguar?

edit: I could select the objects in Polygonal Mode and go to Polygons - Trianguate / Quadrangulate, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on MR…

Thanx all for the input by the way!!


You can edge loop the tri’s and 5 sided polys out before converting to subd’s or you can use the collapse heierchy tool to make it all quads, however that will make it pretty dense.


this did the trick for me!.. But isn’t that weird that some surfaces DO render out and other DON’T… I didn’ do anything different with the surfaces that don’t render out!


And isn’t there another solution without making the mesh so dens?


Yes, edge loop those polys out before converting, that’s the only other solution.


Just PolySmooth or use Mental Ray approximations.


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