Mental Ray/HDRI/FG Splotchiness Problem


try really messing about with radius settings, I find the larger the number the quicker and better the result…


sorry :slight_smile:


Hi everybody, thanks for making this post
I’ve been having this problem for a while now and it’s completly stopping me from getting this project any further.

Here is an image to show my problem:

render is in 3ds max/mental ray
left image has no Final Gather while right image has Final gather
as you noticed, the eyes becomes very self illuminated with final gather and i cant figured out why… thank anyone who can help me!

mostly i used the settings from the tutorial with globulous ( )

i used different scatter group for the face and the eyes (the tutorial says to use the same but if i do it REALLY gives bad results, eyes become even more white and uglier)


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