Mental ray command line questions


im new to the command line render

im trying to run a mental ray command line render

what ive got set up as a test is

render -r mr test.mb

once exicuted it starts up the command prompt and starts running mental ray… and then once its loaded the command prompt closes.

i can batch render with software render but the mr isnt running through…

anyone know what im doing wrong ??


try render -r mr -v 5 test.mb
then you get error messages which describe the problem(s)


well i dont know why… but for some reason when i add that to the line… IT WORKS

haza !! thanks halfknight

by chance were you expecting this to fix my problem or just give me a debug report from the renderer ??

ive tested it a bit and it doenst render unless that specific -v 5 command is in there… -v anything else doesnt work

but at least its gotten me somewhere

thx again!


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