mental ray animations?


hey, I just recently got maya 6, and I was wondering if mental ray can do animations. if so how? It seems to require a different way then maya software, as it can not render avi’s.

thnx, rufsketch1


Yes it can render animations.

One of the biggest Maya (or any 3D app) tips in the universe is NOT to render out to an AVI file, which is why you can’t with Mental Ray. Rendering out to an AVI file is bad because:

  • If Maya crashes you lose the whole AVI.
  • If there was a mistake in your animation for only a few frames, you have to re-render the whole thing to fix it.
  • A few other reasons.

The much much better thing to do is to render out to a file sequence. That way if Maya crashes you only lose the currently rendering image and you can start again where you left off. You can re-render smaller sections of the animation if you need to fix a problem that only occurs for a few frames, etc.

So yes Mental Ray can render animations, but only out to a sequence of still images.



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