Mental Ray Ambient Occlusion Baking?


Does anyone know if you can bake an ambient occlusion map in Maya 7 ?


you can ‘bake’ it as a finalgathering map.
by using the mib_fg_occlusion shader.



here you can find some tips about it, as i said in another thread i will put my hands on this asap.

I dunno if I’m wrong, but if i remember well the AOC in RAT ( renderman ) is baked in a 3d map, you assign a transparency of 0.1 to the material, and the occlusion gets baked in a file, after that you switch to read data from file.

Am I wrong ?


In the Rendering tool bar, lighting/shading menu > mental ray batch bake < will do this too. You can choose “Occlusion” or “Light and Color”. Make sure “Orthagonal Reflection” box is checked. Also, I get some artifacts when adjusting the min max radius settings for FG in 6.5 and 7, a 0,0 setting works, just not as accurate. A bit frustrating becuase this worked like a charm in ver 6. :frowning:



How exactly do i do this?
I can’t seem to find any info on baking AO in this way.



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