[Mental Ray, 4K] Rendering with wireframe material causes random lines to be missing



I am having a strange issue with my wireframe material, two example images cropped from a 4K render of a frame attached. I’m not quite sure what causes it or what effects it (maybe lights), but I need to render 600+ frames and I would rather I didn’t have to fix them up each in Photoshop. Is this a bug/limitation within Max?

The material is made using the following;

Composite - Base - Blinn, Solid black
_ - Slot 1 - Blinn, Wire option enabled, Wire size of 2.0_

Then my object has a material of;
Blend - Metal
_ - Wireframe_

So I can keyframe between them using the blend.

The camera is placed perpendicular to the object in question.

Any help would be appreciated.