Mental Ray - 3ds max


Hello everyone! I use Mental Ray for rendering in max. I use Global Illumination with Final Gather. Unfortunately in the renderer image are black patches. I have no idea why? I tried to change the radius in FG and also in GI. The output was better, but the patches were still there. If anyone can help me, I will be so happy. I played with that more then one week but no solve the problem.
I put the image in the internet so you can see, what is my problem.
Thank you for everything.


can’t see you’re image there , but i think i know what kinda ‘black patches’ you mean.

try using more samples with Final Gather, that should help.


I also cannot see your image, but if you have black splotches, try turning up the number of Final Gather samples.


It looks like his server doesn’t allow direct linking. Copy paste and it should show up.

Looking at it, I’m not sure what I’m seeing, Can you post a wire frame as well? Maybe a little bit larger render too.


I would love to hear an answer to this question since I too am having this issue. I’ve tried increasing both the samples and filters to double what they started at and it still doesn’t fix the problem. In fact I’m doing a network render and some machines will render the frames correctly and some will have the black spot in them. I have had relative success with rebooting the computer and retrying the render. If that doesn’t work I’ve also had limited success with both reinstalling 3ds and rendering, or resetting 3ds then merging the project into a new scene and rendering. Sorry I can’t be of more help but this is the best I’ve come up with.

I’m betting this is a bug in mental ray, or a non-supported shader type, just a guess.



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