Menipus, Stephen Hooper (2D)


Title: Menipus
Name: Stephen Hooper
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Created using my A3 Wacom tablet and Photoshop.

I was doodling some curves and ended up drawing an octopus. Having him stretch a poor little fish was fun to draw, and evokes empathy in the viewer, hopefully.

I created this 2D image as I would a 3D render by creating different layers, fill light, key light and shadow pass. I also tried to keep overlapping forms on different layers, so I could paint on them more freely. This allowed me to balance things out, and experiment with different blend modes and colour palettes. Eventually I merged the layers down to a single background and single foreground layer, then worked from there. I merged the line drawing into the foreground layer then eventually painted it out, which was a pain. Think next time I’ll leave the line drawing on a separate layer.

I tried to give the image depth with geometric and atmospheric perspective. I’m thinking mainly back depth rather than down depth, not that you really have atmosphere underwater, but I hope you get my drift. ;).

The background was composited from different photo elements, which I then ran through Photoshop’s Paint Daubs filter. I also did a little over-painting work on the background fish, to give them more character.

Hope you enjoy this image.

Comments and critique are welcome.


very creative work, love the style.


great job!sO fUn! :wink:


hehe…pity the fishy…good funny piece…i like it :scream:


Thank you very much for the positive feedback, it’s much appreciated.

I’m very happy you liked my work, and I wish you all the best. :slight_smile:


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