Memories (nudity), Hoang Nguyen (2D)


Title: Memories (nudity)
Name: Hoang Nguyen
Country: United States
Software: Photoshop

This was done for the Master & Servant challenge.
Thought I just post it here for those who didn’t get to see it.


Hoang: I really like it. Your rendering style is very nice and clean. Great work! Good luck with the challenge.



great style. i like it very much.
beautiful detail


Wow, is hould say it’s really caught my attention. I love how you paint the photo with sephia effect, to make it looked old. I love the athmosphere. Great! :bounce: :thumbsup:


:eek: Full of vanish!!! I love ur drawing, professionally craftsmanship!!!:eek:


So nice! I like this style!^^


I love everything about this. A great line drawing to start with, turned into an even better painting. I dunno… i’m lame, I can’t find anything to crit. :thumbsup:


good work, i really like it.


one of my favs in the comp… inspiring stuff

by the way, do u have a website?


Hoang Nguyen, wow!! I read your comic books a few years back when I was a teen. I remember reading Snake (ashcan #0) and I liked it a lot. Me and my friend were so awed by the art, he borrowed my comic book and never returned it, I had to buy a new one. :frowning:

This art you drew is so awesome. Highest praises to you sir!


Hey! Great art. I loved this entry in the master and servant. Your style is fantastic and your message refreshingly subtle!

4stars! :thumbsup:


This is great! I love your colour pallet and it’s cool to to see your sketch. Very nice.


impressive work!!i love ur style.cheers.:thumbsup:


Wow man…I love it. It looks…well, just great!


I’ve got only one thing to say: now, where could we see more of Your works?


Thanks everyone for your comments and feedback, I really appreciated. I had allot of fun working on this piece, it was very inspiring. I hope to post something new soon.

Hey xsenos,

My site is in need of serious work, I haven’t updated for ages. But you can see some works that I post here previously:…=snake+plissken…hlight=mathilda

Click here if you want to see the WIP of “memories”


Very neat. I love the color and how it’s presented is really nice.

Good stuff!

That Pliskin image is kick ass! :bowdown:


this is ART! i | () / E it!:smiley: great and awesome job!:smiley:
thanx for sharing!


wow…this is a beauty. Real fine draughtmanship and beautiful texture work…why ain’t this got a 5?!


love it! awesome idea.

And I just have a question - is it mandatory these days to post the word nudity on every single thing that has a hint of nakedness?

It just seems like something that’s only there to prevent a lawsuit - as if innocent ( american )eyes are going to be corrupted by the sight of a breast.

Are people really scared that a nipple is going to offend?