Melynasis Sharvuotis, Evaldas Jucevicius (3D)


Title: Melynasis Sharvuotis
Name: Evaldas Jucevicius
Country: Lithuania
Software: 3ds Max, Photoshop

This is my latest work done with 3ds Max. No sketches were used, the idea was just in my mind and I tried to make it straight in 3d. Feel free to comment and critique my artwork.


nice. I like the tranlucent blue legs. Great shaders and render. Good modeling to. kindof an ice bug.


The head looks a little bit too smooth to me. Try dirtying it up some like you did on the back. Everything else looks great.


nice! that rendering looks great. I especially like the effect on the legs!


nice image…
nice bug! :stuck_out_tongue:


nice very nice job…
nice feeling of render


good materials and render. Bravo.


I like you concept, and also as others mentioned, the SSS effect on the legs. Makes it feel like its a realy small scale bug, like the ones we have inside the pores of our skin. I think it could use a realy exotic enviroment, you could study some photos from a microscope to give you ideas.
One last thing is its mandible. I think it should have the two claws facing inward instead of being straight. Just a suggestion.
Keep up the good work!


very sweet man very sweert work indeed


Very good job. The head seems to be real smooth, plastic like. I love the glowy legs. Nice.


I hate bugs but this is really pure :slight_smile: Good job. Congratulations.


Nice and clean render. Translucent legs are really cool :slight_smile:


i agree about the head with dirtying it up a bit-doesn’t quite match the realism of the body.awesome job nonetheless


great beetle but I would leave away the teeth, they look a bit pathetic


NIce bug. I like the shader you used for the legs.


Excellent! I like the mood and setting you captured. It reminds me of a scanning-tunneling microscope shot. Amazing that you captured the ammount of detail from within your mind not using any sketches for refrence. Just incredible talent!
Very nice!

~ Gary ~


Excellent work man. Those colors made me stop and click on it. I love the design and I had to stop in and give you a quality thumbs up.:thumbsup:

Keep up the good work


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