Melisa Moss -Kichen V4


I recreated the outside lights so that they are all spots and not the area light.
I think I got the GI working ok but not with the FG. Everything I try doesn’t really seem to help. I’ve tried increasing the amount of photons in the yellow foreground light but I cannot see it in the result. The only change I can really effect seems to be the brightness of the yellow light’s photons. Any advice would be really appreciated.



So, when your GI is working, doesn’t turning on Final Gather as well make it look better? If it makes the scene get too dark, you can just brighten the Scale on the Final Gathering, give it a brightness of 2 or 3 if you have to.

It looks like some of the shadows aren’t appearing in reflections, if you look at the reflection of the cabinet door edges on the floor, they are brighter in the reflection than when you view them directly, probably the Ray Depth Limit is too low on one of the lights.



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