Melbourne VFX Jam


Hi everyone,

We are running an event in Melbourne next January which should be of interest to you!

This will be the first of it’s kind (that I know of) and has already got a number of industry backers, both locally and internationally.
The first sponsor that we can announce is The Foundry, who will be providing training, temp licenses and expertise.

Participants will receive instruction on industry standard software tools on day 1, and then work in groups on projects for 2 days with mentors.

In addition to prizes and getting your work shown at Pause Fest, this is a real chance for people to be seen by VFX and Animation houses. (they will be watching the progress and mentoring)



This is a great initiative and sounds very interesting. Looking forward to the event in early 2015 :thumbsup:


Cheers Michael,

It is already shaping up to be something super cool, with support from The Foundry, and Pixar’s RenderMan Group.

More news is on it’s way but we need to let the ink dry …

Keep watching!




Hey, sorry for hijacking but how is the VFX community in Melbourne? Are there a lot of studios? I’ve been led to believe that Sydney is the place for that?


It is definitely smaller than Sydney. There are a few studios, the biggest are Iloura and Luma. A lot of Agencies with VFX work for TVCs, Corporate, permanent installations, etc.
And lots of smaller collectives/studios provide VFX services for multiple agencies.

If you are interested in the state of the industry in Australia, the best way to find out is by signing up for the “DLF” - online mailing list.

After a week’s worth of emails you will see the amount and type of jobs that are being posted around Australia - with the majority in Sydney.

Or, for people that have an interest but don’t like the idea of signing up for email lists, you can browse this site: