Melbourne International Animation Festival - 22-27 June @ ACMI, Melbourne


Hey all!

The Melbourne International Animation Festival [MIAF 04] takes place from June 22 to June 27 2004 at the Australian Centre for The Moving Image [ACMI] at Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Friday June 25 sees the two Computer Animation sections of the program.

The 2003 MIAF saw two animated shorts winning the Computer Animation Panorama; M-Theory by Canberra artist Nathan Hamey and Mantis by Jordi Moragues

Full details of the MIAF festival are at:

The ACMI website is:

Tickets are
$12.50 full
$10 concession
Kids Animation sessions $5 (all tickets one price)
Festival pass
$70 full
$55 conc




So… Anyone else gunna come? Who will I see there?





I’ll be there. Not sure as to what days ill be there, but friday is a deffinant :slight_smile:
Im just curious as to what day, or what Program people from here will be attending?


I’m getting myself a Festival Pass…

I live in Canberra and as its Semester-break time for me I’m travelling down for the entire festival. I’m looking forward to the Australian Panorama, just to see what we’re up to, and of course the Computer Animation Panorama…

My work was screened there last year (!!), and I met the Curators - the Melbourne Animation Possie. They’re wonderful people, easy to approach and chat to, with an obvious passion for Animation in all its forms. My work was screened in other festivals around Australia as a direct result, and looks great on the résumé…

I believe the program will travel, to the Sydney International Animation Festival, and perhaps the London International Animation Festival.

Towards the end of the festival the sessions sold out, particlarly the computer panorama shows.

So, hopefully I’ll see ya there!



I’m still thinking about it. Much of the work I saw last year didn’t really inspire me. Maybe I just got a bad session…


Originally posted by erilaz
I’m still thinking about it. Much of the work I saw last year didn’t really inspire me. Maybe I just got a bad session…

Horses for courses - maybe you’re not into what’s on offer

I think the MIAF is a different festival from, say, the AEAF [Australian Effects & Animation Festival] – MIAF seems to be much more about art-house, independent artist, student-cum ‘animation as visual art practice’ type works, opposed to the glitzy, shock-and-awe type industry, effects and commercial animation as on show at AEAF.

Or maybe you just went to a bad session



I guess art-house animation has never really been my thing. :slight_smile:

What was yours on last year?


My film was called “Jive”, a 3 minute piece dealing with reflections and perspective. The ideas I was dealing with were on how a character’s physical size can be judged on its relative size and its location within the frame – I would establish the character within the frame, then change that perspective – he wasn’t far away, he’s just small – he’s not close, he’s just big
There was no background, just simple white-space, simple NURBS model, simple skeleton

I still have the story-boards, and now my Maya skills are more developed I’d like to revisit the little guy

It was my first attempt at animation, using Flash 5 and Maya 4.5 for Mac, with compositing and editing in Final Cut Pro 1. The soundtrack was done in our digital recording studio on ProTools, and composed and performed by a lecturer at the Jazz School.

I cringed when it was screened, seeing every mistake or thing I ran out of time to deal with. I was sitting in a packed auditorium of paying audience members, not knowing how they would react. But, they laughed at the right bits, ooh’d at the cool bits, clapped at the end

You can’t ask for more



Here is a taste of whats on at MIAF 2004!!
More details at

Computer Animation Panorama 1
Thursday 24 June 8:30 pm
Friday 25 June 8:45 pm

Computer Animation Panorama 2
Friday 25 June 8:30 pm
Saturday 26 June 8 pm

MIAF doubles the number of CGI Panoramas this year to bring you up to date with what computer animators are doing with their bits.

Digital Abstracte: the digital space
Saturday 26 June 4:30 pm
Saturday 26 June 9:30 pm

Digital animation means different things to different people. As well as describing the tools an animator can adopt, it can also describe a particular look, rhythm or feel of a particular piece of moving image artwork. There’s no stories here, just a glimpse into the works being created by a new kind of artist.

…and for something completely different…
John Kricfalusi Retrospective
Friday 25 June 10 pm
Saturday 26 June 10 pm

The ‘one-of-a-kind’ creator of smash hit TV series Ren & Stimpy brings us some of the craziest animation we’ve ever screened. There’s a couple of never seen before Ren & Stimpy episodes and there’s a collection of even wilder stuff that he’s never even bothered submitting to the TV powers. Stand by for films like “Weekend Pussy Hunt” and “He-Hog: The Atomic Pig” But also keep an eye out for the music vid he made for Bjork and the TV commercial he made for Nike.

Computer Animation Panorama 1
Thursday 24 June 8:30 pm
Friday 25 June 8:45 pm

Jordane Menard & Vincent Viriot
France, 2003, 6’00
Imagine romping through the inside of a jukebox designed by a VJ.

Nuit Blanches
J. Bolbach, C. Gerard, J. Moncomble, I. Perin-Leduc
France, 2003, 6’00
A tale of the marauding werewolf and the innocence it destroys - so real you can almost feel the night fog seeping from the screen.

Mr Cloth/Sr. Trapo
Raul Diez
Spain, 2002, 11’40
A cloth traveller arrives at an abandoned train station.

One Giant Leap - “My Culture”
Tim Hope
UK, 2002, 4’20
Buildings come up and down in a stunning pop clip.

Simon Bogojevic-Narath
Croatia, 2003, 9’50
Night. Metropolis. A pocket full of cash. A casual walk in the streets is about to turn somebody’s life down-side up!

Ullas Narayana
Australia, 2003, 2’30
A solitary figure runs through a disintegrating world toward a mysterious city suspended in the sky.

F. Fillet, E. le Bay, A. Lamaire, C. Sicard
France, 2003, 6’00
Love and loss on a Shakespearean scale amongst the virtual creatures of the forest.

Losing Touch
Max Janicke
Germany, 2003, 5’30
Magic eye aesthetic meets high tech effects meets metallic lithograph imagery. A series of simple street scenes reconstructed to stunning effect.

Alan Price
USA, 2003, 7’00
Intriguing and mysterious - one man alone in a world of raised, empty freeways discovers the power to destroy and reconstruct his solitary environment.

Water of Hope/Eau des Espoirs
Michael Lorenzi & Damien Stumpf
France, 2003, 6’00
Drought, despair, hope - nature in all its glory; watercolour depiction of a parched landscape.

Car Craze
Evert de Beijer
Holland, 2003, 12’30
You will simply not believe your eyes. Cars have evolved into parasitic life forms, enchanting mankind and taking vital life juices from the earth.

Computer Animation Panorama 2
Friday 25 June 8:30 pm
Saturday 26 June 8 pm

S. Crombet, M. Castaldi, L. Vallerie
France, 2003, 6’00
Deep beneath this ancient city is a lovable mad scientist bent on making the world’s most amazing wind instrument and then escaping in a flying ball.

Thu Trinh Bouvier
France, 2003, 4’40
A wondrous dance of colourful spinning tops.

Carl Stevenson
UK, 2003, 6’00
A glimpse of a dystopian future where the cross contamination of genetic material results in a world of new lifeforms.

Welcome to Glaringly
Grant Orchard
UK, 2003, 3’00
Sinister tale of a man who visits an old friend in a new town.

Industrial Slaughter
Daniel Rigos
Australia, 2003, 1’45
A nightmare of industrial breeding.

How Mermaids Breed
Joan Ashworth
UK, 2002, 9’40
Traditionally, dangerously sexy, this film reveals the secret cycle of laying, fertilising and hatching.

Les Saumons
B. Dumont-Banc, A. Cambellin, E. Marc
France, 2003, 6’00
Three kids swim in the rain.

Showa Shinzan
Alison Reiko Loader
Canada, 2002, 13’00
Sublime puppet animation about life in World War Two Japan.

The God/Bozhestvo
Konstantin Bronzit
Russia, 2003, 4’20
Even with six arms and the patience of a god, it’s bloody hard to kill a fly. Russia 4.50

Jerome Boulbes
France, 2003, 11’00
In uncertain times a group of creatures come together to share a feast.

Day Off The Dead
Lee Lanier
USA, 2003, 6’30
A parade of the dead leap from the screen into your lap. But what’s Elvis doing there - and is it really a good idea for a skeleton to have a pet dog?

Digital Abstracte: the digital space
Saturday 26 June 4:30 pm
Saturday 26 June 9:30 pm

David Downes
New Zealand, 15’00, 2004
A stunning, intriguing work which moves seamlessly from one space to another exploring themes of universal creative transmission and connection.

Bernard Gigounon
Belgium, 6’00, 2002
Sometimes the very simplest ideas just jump up and grab your attention. A collection of ships are transformed into vehicles for a different age.

The Future Of Human Containment
Michaela Schwentner
Germany, 4’00, 2002
A brilliant merging of fractured image and sound - recognition of both is just outside of our grasp.

Black Milk
Max Philipp Schmid, Beat Brogle
Switzerland, 4’00, 2002
A Knut & Silvy music video which takes a very different track to explore the wondrous effect music has on the human body.

Zero Gravity
Julio Soto
USA, 4’00, 2004
An installation of computer generated fluid imagery loosely invokes human organs pulsing to an external beat.

Jet Lag
Jean-Louis Crudenaire
France, 4’50, 2004
Airports - those spaces devoted to mass, rapid movement. This piece goes looking for the visual rhythm within that space.

The Eye Of Olympia
Borries Muller-Busching
Germany, 11’00, 2003
A ballad of of 3D motion graphic design moving through mulitple planes.

Timaios: First Moment
Egbert Mittelstadt
Germany, 6’00, 2004
Vivid blue borders split an ordinary city scene into an ever changing series of dimensions.

Technical Aids
USA, 4’00, 2004
An alluring montage of halucinary images

Hendrick Dusollier
France, 12’00, 2004
In recent times Barcelona has undergone rapid change. This film manages to chronicle both the destruction and celebrate what has been lost.


If you want to avoid the art-house films, maybe try the kids’ sessions? Although I strongly suggest pre-booking! Got there last year and it was sold out :cry:

I think I’ll give it another shot this year. Can anyone reccommend a good session to go to?


“Computer Animation Panorama 2” it is, then! :thumbsup: Just look for the mullet.


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