Melbourne AE + C4D Meetup.


Hello Melbourne AE + C4D users!

I am starting a monthly meetup which is dedicated to all things After Effects and Cinema 4D starting in March 2014.

Having seen the success of the Chicago C4D meet and others, I thought we could give it a go as there isn’t anything similar in Melbourne already.

The idea behind the group is to bring users together to discuss things like, what they are working on, showcase new work, work in progress and learn a thing or two about the packages.

It will be an informal gathering over a drink somewhere in the CBD (or other area close to the City) and an opportunity to network and meet new people. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a student who is just starting out, a hobbyist or a full time professional. All are welcome.

If you are interested then please like the Facebook page and join the group for all the latest news and info. Don’t worry I won’t inundate you with useless irrelevant nonsense. Posts will be kept to a minimum.

If you have queries or suggestions then please get in touch via [Facebook or email - [url=““””]

Please find links to the Facebook page & group below…

[url=“http://“””]Facebook Page

EDIT: (I have deleted the FB group as I think the page is more than enough. Thanks to everyone who had joined the group.)

I look forward to hearing from you



For the none Facebook / Twitter users we have a newsletter so please sign up! The link does say Facebook but its through Mailchimp, this will be a temporary measure until a website is created.

We are on Twitter too - [url=“http://“””]](http://“”)


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Its happening Melbourne!!!

First event confirmed!

Please join via Facebook or please sign up to the newsletter!

Facebook -

Newsletter -

Really looking forward to seeing everyone!




I was in melbourne for what 3 years and i left and FEB and this happens now :frowning: so so sad haha


Hey Melbournian’s!

The next meet is…

19:00 - 24/07/14 - Loop Bar (23 Meyers Place CBD)

There will be 2 of the guys from Method coming down and running through a projection mapping project they recently worked on! Its going to be great so come on down!

Facebook - https://www.facebook…ffectsC4DMeetup