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Hi, wondering if there are any 3D educators or people wanting to break into education floating around Melbourne?

I’m always on the lookout for new teachers, and to discuss new trends and methods in delivering 3D mediums to students.


wow you are a coupe of months too late. Just moved to the UK as there are limited opportunities to work as a trainer in Melbourne.


True, it’s difficult at the moment. I’m finding more and more, that training institutions are using contract staff less, but the ones they do use, they load up with hours to keep them.

What are the opportunities like UK?


Hi Swinburne,
I’m in Melbourne but I only really use Blender since it’s free.
I do know my 3D fairly well but I have no idea of the standards you expect.
What exactly are you looking for?
Thanks for your time.


Maybe I am missing something but I couldnt see a 3d related degree in the swinbourne course lists, no 3d game or film art courses?


Swinburne as a University, offer several degree’s that offer 3D related units.
From game design, through to industrial design and Multimedia Design.
(as of 2010, Multimedia Design will offer a special Animation series of units - both 3D and 2D)

The Multimedia Design degree offers the most hands on 3D units, from fundementals, through to character animation and visual effects.

The 3D units offered during the Multimedia Design degree make use of Maya as the primary 3D package, and support the output via after effects, premiere and or Final Cut Pro. In the not to distant future, there is a plan to introduce Nuke or Shake and offer a higher end visual effects and compositing series of units.

You can find more about the Multimedai program at:


Ah memories…

I studied 3d in multimedia technology at Swinburne way back in 1997. Good times. :smiley:


i know its a few months late but are you still looking for people ?


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