Latest Update:

thanks jm, enlarged the head a little. I also added a little more diffuse light from the window itself, to sharped the features on her face.
I started fine-tuning the collar cloth.



First update…

Here’s the concept sketch of the main character. She’ll be leaning against a doorway in the final composition.


Another Update…

I’ve started workin on the face. It’s still very rough, because I’m afraid that I’l have to change some of the lighting as I work on the scene…


i’ve stopped working on the character for now…i think i need to do the scene first so that I can be sure the lighting on the character will be correct.

I need to do the room, but I’m having difficulty getting “texture” into the walls and floor, does anyone if there are ANY 2D tutorials out there on how to paint rooms.

(There are a lot less tutorials out there for 2D artists…do you mean most of you guys just learned to do all that amazing stuff from trial and error)


Looking at your concept sketch there seems to be a lot wrong with the anatomy. The pose looks very unnatural I think the need have her pelvis less twisted.

I really like the painting you’ve done of her face great work there!


thanks enialadam, i’m glad you pointed that out before i started painting the character, i wish i had some kind of reference to work from…

anyway i’ll try my best to fix her anatomy before i shade. :wink:


Update…the room

i’ve only started with the very basics of the room. It took me forever to do the floor boards, (and yes, i know there are only four types of boards) but it took me WAY TOO long to paint them. Right now the floor looks really flat, but i’m hoping that once i’ve finished the walls and i reflect them onto the ground it may give it a little more depth. Also i haven’t done any major shadowing yet, so that may help too.


:banghead: I’m such a n00b,

i reflected the walls into the ground and then used a large eraser to lessen the reflectivity, but i keep getting these concentric arcs!?! is this a gamma thing or is there something wierd about photoshop and large brushes that i should know about?



Sounds like the spacing effect of your brush… default is 25% in the brush settings and this causes large brushes to paint in “circles” etc…check in the brush settings “Brush Tip Shape” and look for “spacing” …slide it to like 5% and see how you do…



kool, thanks kaylon i tried it still gave me that effect i think it has something to do with my screen!!! I’m doing this on my laptop and the screen has some “features”… i noticed that when i opened my color pallete i would have a nice smooth gradient and then it would sort of hit a plateau…so i don’t think i can display ALL colors…?

Anyway to test out my theory here’s the latest update. On my screen it looks like crap…i have red, blue, and green “bands” all over the place…not to mention the shadows are EXTREMELY dark (even though in photoshop they aren’t). I’m curious to know whether it shows up like that on your screens.

oh and the OLD concept sketch of the girl is just there for reference. I have started fixing her anatomy, thanks Madalaine i changed the “twisted pelvis” it looks way better :thumbsup: I’ll post an update of it when I can get to a scanner again.


got a little sidetracked. I know this image is not turning out very well, but i want to finish it, if only for the learning experience.

I added a few more things to the room.

The images are still extremely dark when i export them out of photoshop. So i did a very sloppy exposure fix. I’ll have to fix the shadow color values before i go on.


Another quick update…i’m having a lot of problems exporting from photoshop, my images keep coming out considerably darker…


Hey man im loving this piece, and if you say its your first 2d piece its impressive. The floors look cool and the hole image looks 3d, i like that. Keep on.


I’ve been trying to get the pose right. I did a nudish (if that’s a word) pose to try and figure out the underlying anatomy, and why this is looking so unatural. I’m trying my best to keep her back against the doorway, and yet have her legs coming forward (because I want a tiny slither of light from the window to fall on them). This is the reason for the awkward “twist”. I think it can be done in a way to make it look natural, just don’t know how. I also can’t really decide what to do with the hands either.


Still trying to get the anatomy right.
I changed the hands, i think i like them better now. I still don’t know if the “thorax/abdomen twist” looks right.

By the way that black box in her right hand is going to be a phone in case it looks weird.

Any suggestions on fixing the anatomy would be greatly appreciated.


Finished the concept pose. I don’t think I’ll detail any further until I’ve started to color. PLEASE COMMENT ON ANY FAULTY ANATOMY! Even if I have to redo the entire sketch, I’d rather do that than realize that it’s skrewed up at the end.



The pose looks much better now :smiley: Is there any particular reason for the pose? I mean in relation to the scene. I’m not sure whether she is supposed to be relaxed or distressed?

Nice work on the room, the floor boards look fantastic and the lighting from the window is very well done. nice work so far! :slight_smile:


thanks madalaine,
Now that you mention it, giving the story behind the scene might help with the critique wouldn’t it? he says as he slams his head against the desk

Well the image is remotely inspired by an engraving by Albrecht Durer entitled melancholia (which depicts a female angel somberly contemplating some mathmatical concept).
In my image I just wanted to capture that same feeling of dismay. The main character should appear to be a successful, powerful entrepeneur (i’ll add the appropriate clothes soon), who for all her prestige, cannot help but fall on the ground in shock because of a phonecall she had just recieved - viewer can fill in the rest of the story. My main goal is simply to create an atmosphere of dismay…

So going back to your comment I take it I have some more work to do on the concept sketch to make it a little more obvious that she’s in dismay…? Perhaps add some more expression to the face…

Thanks for the feedback!


She’s beautiful <3
Although I must say, the pose is a little bit weird, looks very uncomfortable. Hah…It’s much better than I can do anyway.

#20 thanks, your right about the pose. I just can’t get it to work. She looks like a mannequin, and I need her pose to look tranquil, depressed. :argh:

I kind of feel like just flopping down in my doorway - just to see how one would sit naturally. Of course my roomate already thinks i’m weird! :surprised

Anyway, I think I’ll try a few different hand positions and move her thorax down a bit?..