Mel "system" command?


Hey all! Quick question for ya’s. I am using the system command in one of my scripts on Linux and was wondering how to pass special keys ot the terminal (ie “ctrl + s”). For exapmple if I use the system command to put me into a mode inside of the terminal that requires the user to hit ctrl + s how do add that into the system command so they dont have to do it? Thanks ahead of time.




i m not sure if I have understood what u really need from system command, but just to reassure in vb there is a cmd to pass keystrokes like tab, ctrl or any other key… so like wise u want to do it for maya ?

just so u know, all coded events fire a function, so if you can find out which function ctrl + s fire’s then u can simply call it from mel or if its a cmd line exe - then u can use system commnd to run that application from maya… :slight_smile:

(or) if you are looking for passing a keyboard stroke to a external application from maya - which is something like opening msword through maya and then trying to paste the “clipboardbuffer” and pressing control + S or something ? - no idea here :frowning: (instead if u can give a little more idea of what you would like to do, may be I can try to share or guide with some ideas )

reg, sriram


Hi hibigibees! Yeah basically I wrote a maya messenger mel script for windows and was looking to make one for linux as well. For windows I simply used the mel system command to pass the “net send” command to the windows command prompt and on linux the equivalant is “bam”, however, once I do this the terminal usually wants me to hit ctrl + d to send the message and I dont know how to incorporate that into Maya’s system command. Any ideas? I wonder if there is a different linux command then “bam” that is more of an “all-in-one” command where I can send the message to the user in one line. Thanks ahead of time!


hi, i was wondering if we have some other way to do it;

Is bam the only messenger which comes with linux, does bam have the silent (or) Don’t prompt flag like the way we have for windows commands ?

I have never worked with bam before, so i guess its time to find some other messenger which does the job for us…


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