mel script to render laaarge files


has anyone written a mel script to render out really big files for print? thanks.


If the output-format is too big for Maya, you´ll have to rendered tiles. This means that you subdived your picture into 4,8,16,… pieces and put them together in Photoshop.

You´ll need a very little batch render script:
press F1, rendering utility, render, batch render flags OR Render tiles

-x <int>
set X resolution of the final image

-y <int>
set Y resolution of the final image

-xl <int>
set X sub-region left pixel boundary of the final image

-xr <int>
set X sub-region right pixel boundary of the final image

-yl <int>
set Y sub-region low pixel boundary of the final image

-yh <int>
set Y sub-region high pixel boundary of the final image


thanks bro :buttrock:


just a followup on websters tip:
be sure to render some extra overlapping pixels or you might end up with seams, since anti aliasing is different…
so to render 1000 lines, render 1-505 and 500-1000.
that will asure continuity in anti aliasing




can somebody pleaqse describe me this script step by step because i always have problems executing scripts.

thanks in advance



I made a very simple script that lets you render your image
in 4 tiles and then you can assemble them together in photoshop or whatever.

It’s under “rendering & shading” …

the script is called “SubRegionRender”

here’s the link…=rendering#2416

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions on

regards Joel


thank’s dude i ll try it


the script didnt work for me but try this: (should also guide you if you want to change the cool script)
create a text-file and rename it to what you like eg render.bat the important thing is the bat extension.

in the file write somthing like :

render -y 5000 -x 5000 -reg 0 2500 0 2500 -im venstre_bund tost.mb
render -y 5000 -x 5000 -reg 2500 5000 0 2500 -im hojre_bund tost.mb
render -y 5000 -x 5000 -reg 0 2500 2500 5000 -im venstre_top tost.mb
render -y 5000 -x 5000 -reg 2500 5000 2500 5000 -im hojre_top tost.mb

this renders the file toast in 4 tiles the formular is resolution in x and y and then the regino (-reg) you want to render in the format left right bottom top, give them different names (-im =name you give them)

You can make as manny tiles as you please. i thnik 8000 is maya-soft limit pr tile, but im not sure if i remember right. :slight_smile:

save the file in the scene-folder and double-click it…

Mads :slight_smile:


alias changed the command line parameters over the time… :slight_smile:


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