MEL help in connection to the xyShrinkWrap mel script



xyShrinkWrap is one great tool.
It makes the selected vertexes shrink wrapped onto a selected mesh. This is great for eg. fitting cloth on a body etc.

Now, since its a MEL it has a limitation. You cant just select thousands of vertexes and suppose they all get shrink wrapped. What you can suppose is, that maya will definitivly die :frowning:

Now, I am wondering, if there is a way to make a MEL that does:

  • First you select a bunch of vertexes.
  • The MEL kind of groups the selected vertexes eg. by 100 vtx.
  • First group is selected, then it calls xyShrinkwrap;
  • Sec. group is selected, and so on, like a batch process, until all the vertexes are worked up.

I am sure this is possible.
Another thing could be that xyShrinkwrap could be applied per vertex; since vertexes are numbered, this MEL could build a list and then apply Shrinkwrap one and one, but thats maybe slower?

Give me your point of view / ideas / suggestions

ps. I am no MEL:er, but I understand the basics.


I’m sure the script could be reworked to include what you have above.
If I rewrite it to do that, I’ll post it here, but so far, I’ve just added RAM to my machine.
and it seems to handle it better. Takes a long time, but the results are great.
I use it alot and I love that script!!

I use it to shrink lo-res poly cages onto super dense protein models. decent results.


by 30 minutes I wrote this. I’m not good understand your description and write simply xyShrinkWrap on my view.

plugin nearestPointOnMesh must be loaded.

Select object or only some vertices of object that you will be wrap and then shift select object on what surface you want to wrap. Then run xyShrinkWrap01. Progress also is.

What functions do you want to add to script?


Hey thanx man. very generous of you.

I will try the script today and tell you what happened.


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