Mel Error???


Hey All,
I’m trying to load this script in the script editor. And I keep getting this error:

// Error: source “breakdown.mel”;
// Error: Cannot find file “breakdown.mel” for source statement. //

I have the mel script in the correct folder I believe…the file path is as following :

Users>MY NAME>My Documents>Maya>2012-x64>scripts

All my other scripts go in that folder and load just fine…any reason why this script isn’t working correctly?

  • check if that directory is accepted as the default user directory with:
internalVar -usd
  • Maya assumes the global proc name to be identical to
    the name of the file name without the .mel extension if it
    should search for the file.
    breakdown.mel -> global proc breakdown()
    is that the case?


Hey thank you for replying…to be honest…when it comes to mel…i’m a noob…so, I have no idea what you are talking about…lol…its all latin to me. I just know how to place the scripts in the correct file path and load the scripts…

Could you possibly walk me through what to do? Or what I’m doing incorrectly.

You’re a huge help…thank you so much for responding…


you just need to close maya and open it again so it can look at in all the scripts in the right folders.

Then sourcing it wont be a problem.


First, look into the script ( breakdown.mel ). Use notepad or notepad pro ( download ) for that.
Check if there is a procedure with global proc breakdown()". If yes, thats fine. If not, change the name of the entry global proc to the name of your mel script ( breakdown ).

So, tell me what you see…


Hey thanks again for responding…this is what I get when I open it in notepad:

// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
source “breakdown.mel”;
global proc breakdownNext()



breakdown.mel should be renamed to breakdownNext.mel


so just change that in notepad…save it and try to reload?


still getting the same errors…if you want to PM me with your email…I can send you the scripts?


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