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Firstly get a look at this pretty amazing Cartoon Network spot. Then read into how the crew at Meindbender brought the time down and quality of their renders up, with a surprisingly simple code change in their render engine. Exclusive parrot rigging videos.

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Excellent article! I am huge fan of Meindbender, pretty much everything they have done has been great so far.


Can’t wait to see this mentioned full-length feature film. Imagine how awesome it might be? Pixar, Disney, ILM and others should concern;)


Yap second Sheep’s comment, this guys are amazing, I specially admire the love they put on their Rigs.

Thanks for the Article


great read guys! the render are beautifull and I think it’s quite simple to simply say that maxwell is doing it all :), you guys certainly have a talented team and that’s why it’s so well done, maxwell by it self is just the tool and it suit you but it only does what you ask for, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

anyway great work and great article.



Awesome article! Absolutely love their style!


I have no words to describe how beautiful and well done this work is.



Great post, ever since I saw this and some of Meindbender’s other work I’ve wanted to learn about how they do it. Such a cool style

and quite the rig on the parrot


awesome work as usual, its always good to see what they can do with maxwell.


Gotta love meindbender!


This is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while!

Bravo! to everybody involved!


Absolutely amazing work!
Their rigs look impressive because of their style and knowing what they want rig to do from the very beginning. I think that’s the key to a good rig, knowing what special things you want your rig to do.


Always admired your animation style. There is so much bullshit cartoon animation out there but Meinbender nails it perfectly on every turn.


I was waiting for this. Meinbender rocks! They make some of the most perfect work I’ve ever seen!


I love the idea of the teeth! Nice job like always!


Meinbender is awesome! You guys always melt my brain with those cartoony rigs.


:eek: WWOOOOWWW!!! AMAZING:thumbsup:
parrot rig is perfect, render, materials… great job!!!:slight_smile:

i los my jaw when i saw it!!!


Amazing work. Thank you for posting this article.


awesome work!
I love the characters and lighting
thanks for the article


awesome article ,thanks for sharing,Meinbender is one of my favorite animation studios