Mega Robot Returns


I Just Love It So Much Man .Great .Fantastic .:eek:


nicely done : )

composited well, animations work well;

: )


Hahahahaha. I’m watching again showing to my friends. What a bully silly robot man!!! Great short story!! Congrats again.


I ran a few search queries after I watched too,
but Im glad I saw the high quality version here first :wink:
its still funny and impressive
but most of those copies really lack the finer details
(most of the motion blurs vs focus contrast for instance )
I actually downloaded it here and watched it frame by frame
(several times) great job :thumbsup:


Fantastic, i love it, no static, no blur, just clean as a whistle, and the music really puts the scene going, kinda reminds me of a dreadnought from warhammer, overzised in a city block, going haywire, and then it slips on the car, no more robo, pointed out with the eye poping out, and smoke and emitters going bzzzz… poink.

keep em coming, hilarius


Excellent clip! Nicely made, and very funny too! Truly inspirational! Well done!


Well congrats on making the frontpage of the US Yahoo page.


Thanks RobertoOrtiz!

We are all amazed over how many people have seen our clip!

//Kaktus Crew


ha ha! Excellent! really clever nice simple idea. good job!:beer: :beer: :beer:


for the last three weeks evry time i bring my 3y old son to my place for the weekend he ask me to watch ths robot.

it would be great if we could one day see this robot in a future movie or a cartoon serie.

hope you take my suggestion into consideration.

big mony

big thanks

lycka till




This is SOOO FUnnnyyy…hahahahah…it really made my day…the end is so funny…and the animation of the robot is just GREAT…hahahaha…thanks guys…so funny clip…OMG! :slight_smile:

5 stars from me…


My biggest critics have already been said. I think the one that bugged me the most was the interpenetration of the cables (this is too nice a piece to let something like that happen!) Other than these few things it rocks guys. Nice stuff.


2 words


Nice job. Awesome CG - Good lighting/compositing, good idea and great animation.

I would just try to put a bigger quantity of smaller debris falling from the building.To fake small broken pieces of the walls. It could be done with simplle particles (even small spheres) with a slight different sizes+motion blur. Overall it is top notch level…

Keep it like that




someday,i want to achieve something like this


wow. it looks great AND is really funny. my favorite short 2007!!!


HAHAHAHh you’r a genius!! HHAHHHA great!!! :smiley:


Sweet Comp! I love the design of the robot.


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