Meeting with girlfriend's family!, Tiago Hoisel (2D)


Title: Meeting with girlfriend’s family!
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

This one was made for a Mundo Estranho magazine advertising campaign. It is a very complex scene, where I created a main center superior light, to make it tense and strengthen the illustration idea. However, because of having so many elements, I worked a soft area light to make the shadows less marked and leave the scene more clean.

First of all I like to study and define the lighting to see how the scene goes on.


The theme, the technique, the ideas, five stars! I laughed for about a minute, the situation is so typical, I’ve been trough this many times :smiley:


very nice technique! loving your characters :slight_smile:


Tiago well done, I appreciate your works for a time, and I always laught a lot, hehehe, techniques very powerfull, point of view and others that everyone see. Congrats.

So, visit my Portfolio here and my BLOG I´ll been thankful -

Hugs GUGA.


Ok, so who’s that in the juice? Sonic the Hedgehog? This is everything it’s supposed to be. A convincing scenario with over the top, well-rendered characters.!

Great Execution and a Great Job!


Fabulous, Tiago!


Spetacular, as usual. I’m a great fan of your works. Thanks for the light study, it’s interesting to see how you think when costructing a scene like that. 5 stars!


Great characterisation, love all the little nuances in the image also.



Fun, plugged.


funny, good job dude!


So beautiful! Love it!!


Excellent! I really like the detail of that image
i like it


That is just awesome. The lighting is really really good . and the characters and scene are great. congrats.


perfect work as usual man! keep them coming! 5 stars for sure


amazing job! i like it :rolleyes:


Awesome as always. :buttrock:


absolutely outstanding work. The details although still remaining kind of rough strokes is really great. And the characters expressions…hihi. superb, Love it.


I never comment on 2D gallery images, but everything about this piece is BRILLIANT!


Great idea and excellent execution!


hihihih what a familly !!!
Exellent idea and execution!the lighting is awsome !
best of luck