Meet the Artist: Meats Meier


Meats Meier
Resident Artist/Instructor
Gnomon School of Visual Effects

Meats Meier is currently a resident artist and instuctor at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and teaches the first ever Zbrush course. Meats is the author of the very popular “Introduction to Zbrush” training DVD that is produced bt the Gnomon Workshop. He is also an award-winning digital artist (including two Expose’ Master awards) with over a decade of experience in a wide range of artistic fields. Various titles include: airbrush artist, lead artist at a video game studio, technical director on feature films, and has had a successful career as an independent artist and illustrator.

Meier’s artwork is on the cover of numerous books, magazines, and web sites. Meats was honored with the prestigious “Maya Master” title by Alias at SIGGRAPH 2003. Recently, his work has recently been featured on the cover of the Zbrush box and is the creator of the Maya 7 signature image and animations.

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Meats Website:
Be sure to check out Meats Meiers Demo Reel from 2003 for some cool matchmoved digital sculptures.

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Hi Jim! First of all congratulations on everything you have achieved.

  • Was Cg something you have always wanted to do? How did you get into the field?

  • You have quite a distinguished style. Is this something you consciously tried to develop, or was it a natural progression?

  • Are there any major plans for after Gnomon or any dreams yet to be realised?

All the best for the future. :smiley:


Hi there Mr. Meier

  • I was curious as to where this unique modeling style comes from?


one of my favorite art work of yours is that “little red human figures plant”, sitting on the table, and struggling , hand reaching out, all seems like screaming for help. That work is really awsome! What is your inspiration for pushing the envelopes? Do you ever have enough time to work on art work/ projects either for your own project or commisioned work?




Hi, Mr Meier! Thank you very much for accepting to do the Q&A!
Question: Do you consider yourself an artist with a traditional art background, and do you think it’s necessary in the field of CG?
Another: Most CG art gets frowned upon by the traditional art community. What do you think is the way to gain some recognition and respect?
Thanks, and your pictures are very inspiring and remind me of Arcimboldo, but with movement!


Hi Mr. Meier!

I must say, your work is really amazing!

The first post that described you said you have worked in the gaming industry. What do you think is the best way for a student to break into this area?




Your first name is Meats, what’s the best chat-up line you’ve managed to come up with?


How did you come up with the Maya 7 cover art? Did you have many other designs before the final?


Hello Mr Meats,

i must say that your style renewed my hopes for modern arts.
I found your zbrush work more alive than what we use to see in many contemporain art gallery.
My question would be :

  • your still pictures are amazing, can you transfert all this to animations as you wish ?
    Ok we have displacement … maps but you use a lot of 2.5d features in zbrush (like eraser brush etc…) can you transfert it as you wish to an animation package such as maya ?

Thank you for your kindness (and sorry for my english!)


Hello. As mentioned your style is pretty unique… I was wondering if you’d mind sharing your
workflow (modeling wise) for stuff like the Maya 7 splash screen.
Do you have some kind of fast supertrick up your sleeves for creating all those threads and
wires or is it good old fashion hard work and headaches? :slight_smile:

Edit: Well I guess this link kinda answered my question as good as any, but
I’m still curious how your workflow usually go back and forth from Maya to zBrush. :slight_smile:


Christer Bjørklund


Meats Meier!, Meats Meier!, Meats Meier!, Meats Meier! :applause:

hey, I love u r work, u r a big inspiration to me. no questions, thanQ for participating in this forum. U R GREAT.:love:


hi Mr. Meats …

  • did u begine in this field by tour self ? or did u begin by tutorials from others ?

  • can u talk a little with us about the films that u work on ?

so happy to talk with u … :slight_smile:


You have some of the coolest original models ever. Which zbrush tool was used to make the cool organic wire look? Also, what drew you to cg training instead of production such as in the film industry? Thanks for visiting, it is quite the pleasure. -Josh


i don’t mean to talk for MM but here is a very usefull link for you (if you didn’t read it already)
about wire style using grid as mask


Hi Meats…

I realy enjoy your work…thers a cool contrast between organic forms and metal industrial materials…I tryed to do somthing like your work for my end of collage project…didnt look NEARLY as cool as your work though…lol…

All the best



Hi meate , nice to see U here .first sorry for my bad english .
I wanna know is it any hope to me that work with some team in america .my location is iran , and I have strong skills to animating character .thanks for ur point , goodluck …:thumbsup:


Hey Meats. I love your work, and this probably isn’t going to be my only post, but here’s the questions I could think of now.

  1. Why did you choose maya over the other packages available? Have you ever tried XSI (I’m an XSI user myself).

  2. HOW DO YOU DO YOUR WIRE STYLE IN MAYA?!?!?!? (I know people will ask this before and after I do, but this should give you some added incentive to answer it, becuase I really want to know).

  3. What is your favorite piece?

  4. What setup are you using?

  5. How do you get the ideas for some of your pictures, like redoing captain crunch, which by the way I loved. I used it in a poster against someone who was running for student council. I put under it “This is what Charles Lubic really looks like.” Everyone, including him, found it hilarious, especially since everyone was floored by the picture, since most of them had never seen anything like it.

  6. What was your favorite movie you worked on?

  7. What exactly did you do on Sky Captain?

That’s all for now, I’ll probably be back later with more questions. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.


Hey Meats!

I missed a chance to meet you in person when you were out in Denmark. It’s a shame because all of the students still talk about you. You were very well liked!

My couple of questions:

You obviously are very artistic, and your style looks to be uninhibited by the technology… Do you ever find you need to fight the program to do what you want it to do? Can you give any examples of what holds you back in cg software?

You have lectured and taught students for some time, where do you feel most instructors can improve?

And finally,

What is the best weapon/fighting style to deal with an unruly class?

Mike R

p.s. A lot of the students were reading this thread as well… IN class time. Im talking to you Jakob.


Hi Meats, I’ve always found your work especially inspiring.

Just one question comes in mind right now: Have you taken inspiration from some artist/style in specific? There’s something surreal in your work, like Salvador Dali’s or even Giuseppe Archimboldo’s paintings.

PS. I too would be interested in how you create all those wires :smiley:


Hey Meats,

I’ve respected your work for quite a while. You truly have your own style and nothing you do seems to be slightly related to cliche cg.

couple of things I was hoping to get some insight into:

  1. What artists or specific pieces have the greatest influence on your work/thought process?

  2. What else might influence your work? (evolution of man? Darwinism? the complex, elongated musulature, compositions, and poses of Mannerism? heh i dont know anything?)

  3. If you could rid the world of one thing, whether it’s a characteristic, behavior, phrase, tradition, holiday, law, etc… what would it be?

  4. If you could bring back one artist/historical figure into today’s society, who would it be?

Thanks in advance and and congrats on everything.