Meet The Artist: Linda Bergkvist


Hi miss Enayla: [all of the former praises expressed before on this thread go here].

I have 2 questions:

  1. At least I sometimes feel like i’m flying a kite while drawing, and at some points the whole thing starts to fall beyond saving, or gets stuck on a tree or something… What do you do when things start to go wrong with an illustration?

  2. How do you feel about your characters? do you create them (from your head, from a concept, form an urge) or do they appear from and on the white canvas as you roam it with the pen? in other words, this life you seek to imprint in them, is an expression of your self or are they live on their own sake? (hope i explained it right).

2 1/2: I’ll hear with most attention to the answer to Bonedaddy’s second question.


Sir Patroclo


Hey Linda.

  1. How does it feel to be one of the most renowned artist on CGTalk? Can you find yourself restrained by it or inspired?

  2. What’s your advice for someone who feels inadequate when it comes to being able to draw, how did you go about training up your spatial perception?

  3. We’re couple of student in Skellefteå currently attending a CG education… And we’re wondering if you do any seminars?

Thank you Linda for being a great inspiration source for me and my fellow friends up here in the frozen wilderness of sweden.



Thanks for taking the time!

I do believe that you are one of those rare artists whose work has stepped out of the realm of art, and into the sublime.

I think watching your development, is to watch art history in the making (I feel privileged - don’t we all!)

This is not so much a question, as a request - obviously one you may decline.

Would you have a problem posting some of your early works - to give us a glimpse of your development (just where did your wonderful journey begin). Images covering the span of your early development - I mean childhood and teens - glimpses of how you got where you are.

edit (several)

Was your lifelong passion nurtured by a particular individual? If yes Who? and what was the context?

What is your first memory? Fondest memory?

(I hope I am not getting too personal)

Gord MacDonald


Hey Linda. Thought your q&a session wasn’t supposed to start until tomorrow. 0_o

Anyway, I can manage a few questions:

-One of the things that I feel separates your pieces from many others is your use of the negative space; your backgrounds never seem to be too fully-defined (except with some such as “euthanasia”, an excellent painting btw ;)), but they’re never dull or flat. There’s always something about that space that contributes to the rest of the space - a color tone that compliments the rest of the piece, or that brings out some contrast in the scene. And the backgrounds almost always have this “textured” look to them. I guess what my question about this would be is, how do you go about visualizing how to use this space? Is it sort of a trial and error thing or just a style that you’ve developed well-enough over time to be able to add to each piece with ease? Do you actually visualize how you want that background to look when you’re thinking up the painting?

-This may border along the lines of those “what brushes do you use” and “what software do you use” kind of questions that can miss the more essential topics one should focus on when beginning to learn digital painting…but what the hell. Basically, I’m curious to know how extensively you make use of layers in your paintings, if at all. Obviously, breaking a digital painting into separate layers can be extremely helpful (for separating the background from a person in the foreground, for instance). But when I first started out, I’d isolate things like shadows and highlights as separate layers, in order to make use of different blending modes and opacity settings to adjust the shadows to get it ‘just right’, instead of thinking about just coloring one layer with the right colors right from the start. I think that with the way I used to break things down into so many different layers, it would often lead everything to being either very oversatured, or undersatured, which I haven’t had as many problems with since changing. But then, maybe I just need more practice with working with multiple layers to get the technique down. Any thoughts on that?

-Just thought I’d add that, in reading Leanord’s intro post, this made me laugh:

Living a fairy-tale life, she would go hunting for witches in the woods.

Though I of course did similar things. :wink:
On a similar note though, you mentioned (from what Leanord quoted) that you’re “in love with old, cruel tales and the wickedness that comes wrapped up in lovely forms.”
Any particular ‘tales’ come to mind? :slight_smile:
Also, more of an obscure question, but do you find that your environment contributes much to your imagination? (Example… being out at my old house always seems to fill my head with a thousand new ideas; it’s dozens of different environments all rolled in one. At the end of the field behind the house, there’s this creepy little forested area. The trees are still living (and look absolutely amazing in the summer time), but always have this sort of ‘dead’ feel to them. The ground is always covered in leaves, regardless of the season. And to top off the effect, there’s this little stream running through the center of it all that’s been bordering towards drying out for the past few years. It’s like something straight out of a C.J. Cherryh novel. There’s nothing like that in the surroundings of my drab dorm room; no houses that kids would swear are haunted, no crevices that you could imagine going on forever, nothing of any sort that leaves much to the imagination. I usually need to get out and get away just to think well enough to sketch out ideas) Would you say that your workplace and/or home help your imagination in that respect?

Heh, well I’ve run my mouth of enough for now. :slight_smile:


you just played with filters in photoshop with pictures you took(right :smiley: :wink: )


hi ^^

whats ur pc specs ? =)


Hey Enayla! I just love your attention to color and detail.
All of the characters that you color in your paintings have this distinct glow to them, it’s almost like looking at an actual photo instead of a digital painting. It’s just beatiful!:eek:
But i was wondering, do you think it is nessesary to attend an art school to be able to produce art as great as you do? I’m asking this because I recently got a wacom tablet and have been attemping to paint digitaly and i’m finding it alot harder than I though it would be.
I have no experience at all with natural media (except for drawing and sketching with a pencil which is what i’m better at). I hope i’m making sense.
What do you think? Was it easy for you? Do you think it would have been harder to paint digitally if you had no background with traditional media? Maybe i need more practice but it gets hard especially when it seems like i’m not improving or a particuar work in progress seems to be going downhill with no rescue in sight.

P.S. Oh and keep up the good work!:thumbsup:


Hey Linda, Im a huge fan of your work and you never cease to blow me away with your paintings.

-I was wondering if you learned/developed your painting skills traditionally with paint on paper/canvas and moved over to digital, or if you really started painting seriously when you started digital? For me painting on a tablet is much harder than using oil on a canvas. Do you like to sketch with pencil and paper or do you always visualize in color?


Well, probably by the time I get through these questions (which will have to be tomorrow) there won’t be anything left to ask. I’m sure of this. So instead of asking a question, I’d like to leave you a little note that is incredibly true for me.

And here it is:

Ever since I discovered your art, I have become determined to be as good as you. You are such an incredible inspiration for me and I usually can’t wait to see a new picture. If ever I feel want to feel inspired, all I have to do is hop online and check out your website. My parents and all of my friends know your name because I talk about you so much and have shown them your work. Your attention to detail is astounding and your mastery of color and emotion in a painting is just incredible. (I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m a stalker or something, but you inspire me as much as Tim Burton inspires you. But I’m not a stalker :wink: ) I just love your art. Every piece is just so inspirational. Oh, and did I mention that you were the first person to introduce me to androgeny. I didn’t know what that was before I saw your art! =D

Ok, I do have one question. One the first post in the thread, with all those pictures of yours in it…is the one with the two people kissing an image to go with your “Calamity of Touch” image? Because the girl has the same hair and dress, and she was cursed for making love to man. I’m just curious. :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time to post your art and being an inspiration to me and many other people.

Oh, and I’m glad your hand is feeling better. :slight_smile:


hey linda,

i’m a newbie to CGtalk so i just discovered your work as a logged in for the first time. your work is amazing. i’m a junior in the game development department of scad. what i really want to do is concept work i.e. characters, and landscapes and what not. along the lines of the work that you do. on top of that, no doubt, i’m a modeler and texture artist.

besides all that… questions… :slight_smile:

in your paintings; do you draw and paint your figures from scratch or do you have live models that pose for you?..

where do you come of with the inspiration for your original environments?

no doubt i’m sure you are a master at the figure and of the landscape, but i tend to have a difficult time coming up with believable poses and/or settings for my characters… what inspires you?

thanks again for showing off your amazing peices


Hi Linda! I wanna tell that you’re a HUGE inspiration for many people, incluiding me of course, and I don’t know how you don’t consider your work as true art, maybe we can do digital paintings, but yours are in other level completelly, cause you’re talented by nature. Thanx for share with us your art.

Now, questions for you :wink: :

  1. When your book will be ready? I’m so anxious for to see it! I think apart for the illustrations, it will have stories, am I right?
  2. As you said in other opportunities, you do your paintings in a huge canvas sizes, so, my question is, do you use huge brushes too? Cause in my paintings, doing them in a big canvas size, I need to put the brush size in 100px or more o_O and it took me ages for to finish the paintings even with that size of brush… maybe I’m too slow ¬¬
  3. Again your paintings: you choose the color of the skin based on the bg or the bg is addapted to the skintones and clothes of the character?

And, that’s it, I hope your hand will heal lots day by day, and lots of huges to Azrael (by the way, I still have the Azrael wallpaper on my desktop =D)


Howdy L

I’ve seen a lot of artists who are obviously heavily influenced by you. That’s probably a good sign that you have attained a certain place with your art, when people are consciously attempting to emulate your look and feel.

It can be flattering, but I know other well known artists who have seen this happen don’t always feel comfortable with it. What’s your feeling on that?

Anyway, keep up the great work, you are a terrific inspiration!



A true goddess!! I would say IMHO that Linda produces the best artwork hands down on CGTALK, out of all the artist she builds magnificent 2d masterpieces. A true prodigy. Well done Linda ! ! I have great respect for your style, always a joy to see your next piece :bounce:

and Enayla seems like a darn cool person too, responding to all the posts like she always does! respect ! :slight_smile:

This is in no way fanboyism etc! its darn right worship! :buttrock: keep em comin lady!


Hi Linda!

I hope I am not to late in joining in on the questions…

My Question relates to WACOM tablets and line smoothness. All of the lines in your paintings are smooth and impecibally blended, and I realize that painting at your caliber and skill level takes years of practice and study (plus a natural apptitude towards the arts) but What I want to know is …

Do you think the quality of the equipment that you use plays a big part in the ease of your painting? See, when I paint in photoshop with my little WACOM graphire I get…“jagged” lines. It helps when I zoom in and then paint, and It does seem to help to paint at 400 DPI…
but still, It feels like my stylus isnt properly translating the line…even with opacity and size jitter set to pen pressure.
Do I need an INTOUS to improve my line quality or is there something I am doing wrong?

What DPI do you paint at? Do you prefer Photoshop or Painter?

Thank you for your time!



Hi, linda.

I would Like to tell you that your paintings are the real vision of human dreams. You can almost walk inside those fantastic fairy worlds you create. Nowing that your work is so inspired by the fairy and fantastic ideas, I would like to propose you a way to find more increadibles universes and crazy ideas. Eduard Grieg, I think he was norwegian, He created on 19 century a simphony called Liric suite, op.54. It is an increadible description of fantastic tells including the famos Trolls. I see that it sounds extrange to create using music, but I wander what could you create using your master skills … I hope you like it, and if you already hear it or have use music as inspiration, please, can you post any… Or where can I see one…

Finally, I would like to ask you a question, It coul be basic, but by browsing in the internet I have not find a very specific answer.

How do you calibrate your monitor in order to obtain the best relationship between shadows and lights?

Thank you for give us this opportunity to ask you questions and talk to you.


Hi Linda, I dun really have any favourite artist until I saw your works here & then ur web site… I simply love your paintings, they are beyond words. And thanks for sharing with us your knowledge & imagination.


Hi Linda!
I felt in love with your artwork when I saw it first time on, and you just become my favorite artist at all, I like very much works of other digital ‘pro’s’ but among them your the most shining star for me, my inspiration and guide:)
I’ll observe your amazing work …and will try to be like you;)
Keep up the great work and never stop.
Thank you!


Hello, Linda!
Just like all of these beautiful people, I’ve been inspired and thrilled by your paintings so much! I remember the first time I saw you painting - I think it was Nightly Forests - I was left staring in awe for a few good, long minutes, and then I rushed off to check out the rest of your work. That painting is still one of my favorite paintings by you, and I have a pretty print hanging on my wall.

Most of the questions I wanted to ask have already been answered, so I won’t bother re-posting them. I have one (rather strange) question for you. I’ve been following your Master & Servant painting progress (and am very excited about it :D) and you mentioned you’ve been referencing from a mask you made. I know you like making masks, and seen a few that you made (on devART, mostly), so I wanted to ask you: how do you make them? What materials do you use? When I was a child, I just loved making masks (out of paper and cardboard, though :P) and I’d like to make one again, I’m just not sure what materials to use =/
Any general mask-making tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for having so much patience for us hungry-for-Linda’s-advices people :slight_smile: You’re the best! hug

~ Donna

(edited for typos… >_<;:wink:


Good morning,Linda! When I look at some your works,I have an ideas about traditional painting in old style… with thin lacquer glazing , with superb caught lighting.Do you have a wishes to transfer your ideas on a canvas, to take in hands a brush, oil paints or acryle?I see your creative force in works-,eyreequel,euthanasia ,Cunae, and thith boy on the stone.They deep, in them there is something NOTexplaning,real.This is inspiration…I wish you today inspired day.Respect.


Thanks for being such a great inspiration to us all… also wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer everybodys questions, they are a good read.
Keep on inspiriing us to do greater work :smiley: