Meet the Artist: Carlos Baena


hi carlos,

first off your work is just silly to be blunt i find it utterly ridiculous abusurdly perposterous its just na just to na…ppprrrhhhhhhhp

-what do you think about when your animating?

-what do you think gives an animation that spark or magic quality?

-how ridiculous do you see cgi animation getting?

thank you for your time



Carlos, i’ve been inspired by your work since your early shorts and was delighted when I saw you’d progressed into the larger industry.

Toga Party is still one of my favourite animations of all time! :smiley:

  1. Your handling of weight and balance is impeccable. How do you usually go about getting the feel for a shot that requires unrealisitc ratios (such as Mr. Incredible lifting the giant stone statue)?

  2. Do you have “zone out” times where you try not to think about your work at all, or are you the kind of lad that lives for his work, thinking about things in relation to animation quite frequently?

  3. Is animation your be-all and end-all passion, or would you like to branch out into other areas?


Hola Carlos, saludos de un vecino portugues!:thumbsup:

I am a big fan and follower!


  • As a 3d animator myself, I would like to know how can I get to your level, specially phisics+subtle acting, how can I practice every day, what are the best exercises to do?

Thanks Carlos,

Best regards from PORTUGAL!
Keep it up! :buttrock:


Hey Carlos!

I would like to say that i realy love all your work!

And that you sould update your website more :sad: .

Anywayz, i wanted to ask how you actuly got a job at pixar?

What was the hardest and best time you had, after leaving Spain?

And how did you pay your schools and stuff?

Do you think that you have acomplished what you waned to become and do in your life? Or is there still more to acomplish?

What is the thing that you would like to say to evryone that would follow your path and become like you?

Thx alot for your time here! I realy love all your work and your a inspiration to all of us!

Good luck in the future i wih you all the best! :thumbsup:



I’m also currious when U would continue your short “screws”.


Hiya Carlos

maan, your work is so cool, I am so excited that I lost some questions

keep up the good work mate


Hey Carlos!

Amazing job that you are doing along with bobby and shawn and others over at AM. Thank you for doing this. Here are my qs

  1. What would it take for a person to get into pixar. how was it for you trying to get into pixar?

  2. How willing, do you think, are companies hiring people from outside US? I would like to see myself working in a place like pixar in the future. Is there a chance for me (from India) to catch my dream?

  3. Are you coming to India any time soon?

  4. How effected are animators by computer related health risks, like damage to eyes, hands, etc? and are there any specific precautions that you take to stay safe?


Hey Carlos,

First of all the fanboy bit: Your work is always completely awe inspiring and films like The Incredibles are a real source of inspiration and motivation for me. Oh, and nice work on the fingerboarding skills too. :slight_smile:

Some questions…

  1. What kind of reference do you use when animating things that can’t be reproduced in real life, like animating the characters in Cars for example, or the arena monsters in Episode II?

  2. What’s your favorite piece of CG animation or visual effects ever?

  3. When most Pixar people get asked which animation work really blows them away, they usually seem to cite 2D work, usually Disney films or films like The Iron Giant. Do you find that most 3D animation from outside of Pixar itself, isn’t particularly inspiring to you, or is, at least, alot less inspiring than the old classic 2D stuff?

  4. If you play video games then are there any games that you’ve played where you were particularly impressed with the animation (bearing in mind the technical limitations of the medium)?



wow! cgtalk has some cool people in their friends list!

i remember in a interview about AM, i think shawn had mentioned that you had started creating video tutorials of your own even before AM was created…

where can i buy those or are those reserved for AM students only?

i’d love to learn from the pros, so if your tutorials aren’t available, can you point out the essentials for an animator both beginner or veteran?

thanks and i hope to see you sometime in the future in AM! :slight_smile:

oh and i hope you enjoy your visit with your family! and your fingerboard video is awesome! :wink:



Hey Carlos,
Most of the questions I had have already been asked, I’m just posting to say that I’m a big fan of your work. :slight_smile:


Hello Carlos and congratulations on your personal success and recognition…

Three questions:

  • After all your success do you believe that you would go back and change anything you did career-wise?

  • If you switched from animation to another field (in 3d or other) what would that be?

  • What other company would you like to work for? Any plans for your own studio or another venture? (apart from the animation mentor program).

Thanks in advance for your reply…


Hi MR.Baena! its really good to see u here! im o BIG FAN!

i had one question:Befor u get a career, Did u grow ur self as an animator,or a lover of all the stages of maing a 3danimation,i mean did u forexaple love Modelling as well,and then when u get some job,then u chose being animator? did u have both skills as well? and at the same amount !?

Somuch thanx…



Hi, This is my first oppurunity to post my question to you and I am super excited about it. :bounce:
First of all Congratulations on fabulous work on Incredibles, I liked the line where Brad Bird says, when there trouble go to Spaniards !!! All those scenes that you have worked on are FANTASTIC. There so much to learn from you guys ( Bobby, cameron etc). My questions to you are,

  1. I would like to know more about the process of interaction between you and Mr. Brad bird, What kind of correction do you used to get ? and how you used to solve them ?

  2. Is there any thing which still gives you hard time while animating ?

Thats all I have to ask you for now :slight_smile:


Vinayak A Pawar
Character Animator
Rhythm & Hues studio, India


Ola Carlos,

first i’ll say shortly that it will be great to read your comments here,
and that indeed, you are a master of the art of animation.
your work is very inspiring and fun to watch.

my questions:
1- you’re both an animator for large more industrial studios, and also created/creating your own shorts,
in which you direct and tell your own story.
which of the two do you find more satisfying overall ?
which would you say is the best way to evolve in the animation world;
create short films or character animation exercises that concentrate only on animation ?
do you think that when applying to big studios, as an animator, the judging ppl would rather see only
polished character animation short scenes ? or is there additional value to proving storytelling, and cinematic cababilities
(edited within a demo reel of course).

2- animation technique: by which method do you usually animate ?
do you set stepped pose 2 pose, with lots of keys, or do you work mainly in the graph editor on the curves themselves ?
which comes most naturally to you ?

thanx a lot for you time, i assume you’re pretty busy these days.


Hi Carlos! Thanks for taking the time to do this!! Much appreciated! :smiley:

My questions:

  1. Looks like “Screws” has been out of production for a while. Are there any plans to finish it?!

  2. Do you know where we can see Hubert’s Brain?! I’ve been wanting to see that forever… :sad:

  3. Having worked for the big studios on big projects, do you find you lack the opportunity to tell your own stories? Do you have your own stories anymore?

  4. can you give us any information that hasn’t been released yet about Cars or any other PIXAR films?! (heh… had to try… :smiley: )



Hola Carlos!
Es un honor poder entrar en contacto contigo via cgtalk, y te doy mis enhorabuenas por estar en lo mas alto.
Bueno, yo soy sevillano y acabo de terminar un curso de 3d en la vancouver film school, y he salido bastante contento, me he especializado en modelado y texturado.
Mis preguntas:

  • how do you see 3d production in europe?
    -now i’m starting to look for a job and people is telling me all the time to start in usa or canada and then may be go to europe… what do you think about it?
    …Bueno, gracias, y otras preguntas ya te las han hecho otros posts anteriores…

ok, Congratulaciones:scream:, y aqui te dejo unos links a algunos trabajos que hice para mi reel por si les quieres hechar un vistazo:rolleyes:



just a fan congrats


Tal solo decirte Carlos que eres una gran fuente de inspiracion (en mi escuela hay un poster tuyo firmado y el libro de nemo) :scream: , me alegra que hayas conseguido llegar donde lo has hecho, tan solo una pregunta… fue muy duro llegar hasta pixar??

Un saludo desde Malaga


Hello carlos!

I love your work and I admire you alot. I’m just starting out as 3D animator, I’M a student at full sail. I’m not to confident in my work yet, but it’s my dream to one day work at pixar too.
I don’t care if I have to apply a 100 times, I want to get in.
My one question for you is, how did you get a job at pixar?
Thanks so much for this oppourtunity to talk to you!

<3 Ash


Hello Carlos

What a day, it is my Birthday and I wake up, turn on CGtalk, and find my favourite Animator (Carlos Baena) is having a Q & A in the forums.

Happy Birthday to me!

Enough Banter; Questions first, Flattery second.


  1. I have been finding that my pose to pose starts to miss that extra something after the blocking and in-betweens, it is great for setting up the timing and handy for my extremes. I find it hard to make the life from putting an in-between in these two extremes and then another between these extremes…etc Do you ever just stop the pose to pose and just go straight into specific areas. Would this help bring more life to the character considering the research has been done? Does this make sense?

  2. Do you ever feel the need to be re-inspired?

  3. Sometimes I think there is so much to keep in mind when animating, do you ever just try a different approach and find your results are achieved from this as opposed to your regular approach?

  4. Are there times when you go out and do different things to collect knowledge for Animation, or do you just make a point of being a keen observer?

  5. I heard that during your dailies you just sit there with a pen and paper and write down everything that is suggested to you, I find when I post my animations, I keep this in mind and as a result reap better results from my work. Anything else you may do to improve at the different stages of animation?

  6. Are you better at heelflips or kick flips?

Really enjoyed your finger-boarding movie on the web! Maybe you should go pro. Although, I do not think there is much of a circuit for that.

I heard there was a skateboarding gang at Pixar, Is this true? If so, are you the Chief in Command?

Thanks so much for doing this.