Meet Flipp


just something i started today. from a sketch i drew a while ago.
( though it deviates quite a bit from the sketch )


GReat job as usual martin,

I wood like to see some other angles… and it will be cool once you´re set with him to show us some expressions, that huge mouth and eyes should be great for morphings…



you asked.


Wicked, again another awsome piece, it reminds me of a character from MIB2, he was in the photocopier i think, i cant find a pic and my making of book has gone walkies, so it might just be me.
Great stuff


thanks, that char is hilarius, and i also think its similar to a character in men in black…

wires? :wink:

I´d love to get my hands on clay, but anyway dont think its the best moment for me right now, since i´m in the middle of developing my reel, and changing app will do no good, and it seems the beta-testers are already settled, but still, i´d love to… :slight_smile:

By the way, you´re reel its awesome, specially love the way the music was growing from almost nothing to something nicely acoustic… not to mention the contents :slight_smile:


hehe,exellent work MK.

in the first shot,i found the neck so nicely done. and it still looks good from the front,but theres something disturbing me how it connects to his back…maybe its just me.

anyway,cant wait to see the rest of his body (if its gonna get modelled).



that guys got so much character allready! He looks awesome, i really like how you did the ears, really nice curve work.


hi Martin pretty nice work man he remind a alien form Men in Black …awesom work kepp it up throw some more update man…


really cool dude

escellent modelling skills


Really like the style!

Keep on.


am i nuts or did the earlier version have 2 different sized eyes?

That was cool… this is cool…you are cool.

Good to see you doing something outside your usual genre/style, and seeing it hold up so well.

Rock on! :buttrock:


Cool, doesnt he remind anyone of the alien with hundreds of arms from Men in Black II ?


he he…looking cool dude…those eyes man is he on acid ??jk
yea he reminds me of that guy from mib to…thats the first thing i thought of as soon as i clapped eyes in him…
my clay has just expired and im waiting for jason to get in touch as iv lost my log on details when i formated…any chance you can seend me a copie in the mail ??

you know when it expires and that button pops ip saying its expired press this button to get your new copie…when i press it i get a error. of spme kind…hmmm

ps i dig the baby cave trol to :slight_smile:
is that detail on his back done with the zadd and zsub…you must be using the beta hey to get that many polys goin on in there,looks very cool…now get his baby rattle in his hand and start animating him swinging it around after bilbo hehe


wow…very nice modelling!!!..:thumbsup:


Great looking, finish him :slight_smile: could we see some wires of his head, would like to see how dense or not it is.


it does remind me of something from MIB , very nice modeling:applause: one question is clay in beta still or is it out for release



nice,thanks. Do you plan to give him an whole body? also do you model him posed?(or you going to rig him?)


Hi Martin!
I’d like to see the smoothed wire if you don’t mind!


Ambient, thats a great work…

Really like a lot the style and personality of your character…

Very inspiring “even at this early stage”

He seems like a simpsons character… :slight_smile: