Medium sized group of 3D students looking for some suggestions regarding a proper workflow/pipeline (and general tips)


Like some of you might have found out just like me, after going to University or college etc for 3D/CG, YouTube is pretty much your primary teacher…and help from the teachers can’t always be relied upon. So I want to see what you guys have to say.

For this final course in our first year we are to create a 1-3 minute video based upon the lyrics of a song (’'Europe is lost - Kate Tempest"). There are 2 groups, and each group consists of around 13 members (7 people per group are digital design students and will be taking care of all 3d elements, whilst the remaining 5-6 people in the group are film design students who will be doing miniature sets and such for the film. However the CG and the practical stuff won’t ever be seen in frame at the same time).

Anyway… To the point:

We have the concept phase pretty much nailed down and it’s going well. But we’re soon about to start the production phase (world building, modeling, texturing etc). The big head scratcher for me is just how we are to tackle this assignment production wise since no one has done anything of this scale, nor worked in groups before.

I’m not sure what answer I’m really looking for. I guess just some general tips from anyone who has worked on group projects before, or from someone in the industry. Here are some things I’d like some input on:

-Scene management
-file/asset swapping
-workflow/pipeline in general
-project settings and file standards
-proxys, instancing and referencing etc (what’s necessary?)
-render optimization (specifically for Redshift)
-having a masterscene vs splitting up portions of the world into different scenes

Sorry for the long post… But I have about a billion questions in my head. Our group didn’t get that many technical people so I don’t have that many people to juggle around these questions with, and this is only our second real 3d project so far. If anyone cares to answer with literally anything it is highly appreciated! If you need more info regarding the project, just ask!

Thanks in advance!

Main programs: maya, Substance Painter, quixel, gaea/worldbuilder etc, nuke.