Mediterranean, Guillermo Zulueta (3D)


Title: Mediterranean
Name: Guillermo Zulueta
Country: Spain
Software: Lightwave 8, Photoshop

Done just for fun. I would still working on it but I don´t have much time left…

All comments are very welcome. Hope you like it!

Thanks for looking!


The model is a bit simple !


I like the background and lighting can you show a wireframe?


I really like the water ! Can you tell me how you did that? (model&textures)


Gillermo, la zona en sombra del barco está demasiado clara. Lo hace parecer algo auto-iluminado. La luz proveniente de la atmósfera nunca es tan potente y menos con una posición del sol tan baja. Yo la atenuaría, y le daría un color azulado-violáceo… dados los colores de tu cielo.

Pero la imagen tiene encanto, paisano. :wink:


Looks cool. Nice lighting and lovely ocean. I think the textures on the boat are a bit clean making it seem a little out of place, otherwise looking great.


Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

Here there are some wires:

I know the ship is a bit simple but I have no time to still working on it :banghead:
My primary focus was lighting… yeah maybe it´s a bit too clear but that can depend of the different monitors :slight_smile:

About the water, is just a plane with a gradient for reflection and bump maps for waves… I was going to use a displacement map but this way looks more fine :slight_smile:


It is a simple but great model, i love the water.


Thanks. Could you maybe share the bumpmap with us ? Again, the water looks really great!


Thanks for the nice comments everybody! :slight_smile:

The bump map are just procedurals… not an image :slight_smile:

I´ll put here the settings of the water bump (for Lightwave, but can be useful for other apps):

There are 3 layers of procedurals. The most important thing to get a good result is the SIZE of each one. (Check it out in meters) :slight_smile:

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

And that´s all. Hope this helps!! :thumbsup:


LW is my favourite package and I am so sorry that thay did not have it in VFS as lectures.

Good work and nice picture


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