Medieval War


We are planning a big medieval scene still image created by the Alias Maya eGroup. This will be a collective work scene created by more than 15 people working in different parts of the world. From America to Australia Maya users have come togheter to pull this off. So wish us the best of luck.

We are only waiting for the concept people to post the first sketch and we can start modeling.
Everyone is wellcome to join this project…



Here I’ll post where we are so far and update it frequently so new ppl can see our progress in the first page of this thread.

first concept art


I’m trying to come up with the shot… I think this should be a take-over on a medieval castle that will be on the back of the still. So the shot is basically composed of a castle/city in the back and two armies: the ones taking the castle and the ones defending it. This is human vrs human (no orc no troll no beast that is not for riding). There’s probably gonna be some catapults or other cool medieval device to throw balls of fire or somehting on the city. Armies should be differenced by the armor/uniform although it would be cool that everyone had a little different armor than the next guy but, say maybe with the same flag or i dont know.

The big sketch here is the first idea i had so the shot is not the actual thing. But this is the “vertical” proposal of the shot. By vertical I mean the castle is in the back and the footmen are advancing foward on the city (archers in the back). The little ones are other ideas for the shot… the first is horizontal (city on the back but now in the left/ soldiers advancing foward but now a little bit to the left/ wide shot) the second idea is a closer look on the city… still on the plains but the city is closer to focus point and soldiers are bigger. The third finally is the same as the big sketch but in a wider shot so soldiers are smaller but there is more things to see. Any ideas aditional to this? Please C&C…

[left]the castle in the big sketch does not need to be on the center but the idea is that its on the far back…[/left]


Wow, this is gonna be a great scene, i was just wondering, where are you going to render it cause it seems that its gonna have a lot of polys? Good luck in work for everyone!


I can spare a nemesys workstations for this project.

dual 3.06 xeon
2gb ram
nvidia quadro fx 1100
15k hd

and most likely it will be rendered in layers…


I like Kael’s concept, it could wrok well for this war scene! We could have two lines of forces coming together in the middle! The characters can fade off towards the tower in the backdoor! What about the armie’s, has anyone decided! How about one force be norse( viking style concept) and the other the civilized side like an english lord’s army! Well, just some idea’s to get the blood running!


Another option would be an “over the shoulders” look from the beseiged castle. A point of view which is just over the shoulders of the soldiers standing on the castle walls, watching the apporaching armies with fear or resolve.


I was hoping the project would be more of a story rather than just a war. i was thinking about about a village with some kind of a fantasy character along with humans. People interacting with each others. Planning a war to take over a castle. Something more than just a war. I am down with the idea of a war but thats not a story. ALso like I said before, a fantasy character would add to the story(after all this is cg).


hi I have updated the image as folllows:-


I like the over the shoulder perspective idea, it could be interesting. As for the fantasy character, there will be interesting characters closer to the camera so dont despair, you get concept brainstorming so long untill everyone agree’s on the course of action! This will be a realy great project once we get it off the drawing board an into our perspective views, huh?


Hi everyone…

Well I like phsygons idea about the armies. I think the castle in the back should be very white very civilized and its defenders very organized, civilized people. On the other hand the aggressors should be barbarian. I agree with deivys20 that this should have a story backbone… actually this I will start to work on as soon as possible cause it could help set the mood for the modelers to follow. Plus we can have some other small pics showing other sides of the war, i.e. soldiers setting up the catapult-like devices or guards over the shoulder looking out from the towers (zzzrByte). I don’t really like that much the idea of having fantastic characters on the soldier level but rather on a beast level. What I mean is we could have some huge birds maybe gryphons for the soldiers to ride souring over the sky towards the castle. But maybe not in a ent/demon kind soldier level because of the epic value of this still. Not that these characters are not epic, but overly exaggerated fantasy can sometimes climb on top of the other things… do you know what I mean? maybe I’m wrong please correct me if I’m not.

Anyway this is a marksmen for the castle army… he has three layers of clothing. First maybe a chain mail or some light armor of that sort, I painted that grey, along with the metal in the boots and the helmet. Then on top of that they have a cloak (bellow the knee and with a hood) of some light material that I painted with a very light yellowish brown. On top of that he has (I feel like I’m fashion TV talking about a super models clothing hahaha) a thick flannel overall that has the flag of the castle (not necessarily this Sweden flag I did for some reason !?) this should be the elegant touch so its thick but it has a silky shine to it. His gloves and boots are leather. The gloves leave the fingers uncovered for a precise arrow shot!. The helmet is up for change but it should be some pointy looking thing… this was normally done to difference the archers in battle. Archers are range soldiers so they should have light armor only. The bow we can design separately and he should also have a medium size sword for close combat. KEEP THE POLYGONS LOW PLEASE!!! most things should be managed with textures, unless its a character that’s on close up. Oh well tell me what you think please…


Ok guy’s, i’ll be doing the background city etc. Will help with modelling and texturing where i can as well! We need to get this thing going people, so we need evryone to post what they are going to do, like model, texture etc.


I love the soldier design. It looks good. However the first thing I would do is create a script. Let everyone read it and if everyone or the mayority agrees move on to drawings. Also, I didnt want soldier vs beast. What I sugested was some kind of beast fantansy whatever to be integrated to the story.


Hi every1!
After discussing the issues with andrew I have deiced to model a generic model that people can tear apart and add new stuffs to it when the contapts are approved. I will try to make a low poly model of a generic character and will post a WIP and the finaly obj file for people to use when the concpts are approved.
cheers every1


you should care because a well executed plan will get the job finish quicker and better than one where attention to detail is not considered. I must say your character looks nice. I think we can add more details. That looks like ps1 model rather than a low poly character for video. Dont go overboard but give the character more details. Also, from the front view the part above the ear need to go in some more.


His model will also serve to give us an idea of a poly count max while the concept comes out.
deivys20. the script is coming up soon, please refer to phsygon to coordinate with him about the city and later the enviroment…

remember this is a still image not meant for animation. we need more ppl on the concept sketching, anyone?


Hi, yes a really nice concept! Can’t wait to see the castle and really can’t wait to see the warriors, the war, the fire, etc.

sorry to make pub, but I’m working on a render, looks a bit like your concept:

Anyway, good luck, it’s long to make a medieval scne, but really funny :slight_smile:


Hey! It’s great to see that people have taken intereste in the middle ages! I’m working on a Medieval/fantasy HL2 mod but I and my team would be very happy to help out. I can actually host a small site for the project if you guys need. I’ll talk to the leaders of this project.

edit Kael check your private messages :slight_smile:


I’d be glade to help in anyways i can… although im not sure if my style of drawing is suitable for what you people are working on… its conciderd to lean more on the cartoon side…

these are older sketches… most of my newer are scanned and ready to be emailed. so incase your interested. (by old i mean around 1 - 2 year old sketches )

little newer

Cheers! anways good work and i hope everything works out well

p.s. pm me for new ones.


For the record (historical record) the english were less civilized than the vikings, just in case you wanna use a semireel scenario.
Their military systems were inferior, tactics were inferior, weapons were inferior etc etc.
the latter english military system was introduced by the vikings. And later refined by the normans (ex vikings mixed with french). Trading cities were also founded in most of the british isles and helped the english to escape the so called dark ages. (note scandinavians never called it dark ages because for them it was a time of expansion, riches etc).
All the impressive castles of england was build post viking and norman invasions by the normans. The anglo saxons primarily used wood to construct fortifications etc, while the normans used solid stone and more advanced techniques introduced from europe.

I think it would be cool if you used a viking theme or covered the time when the danish viking king Knut (canute) ruled england with his elite soldiers, the huskarls.
That would be original and interesting.

Anyways I will keep and eye on this one.