-Medieval Scene-, Mathias Verhasselt (2D)


Title: -Medieval Scene-
Name: Mathias Verhasselt
Country: France
Software: Photoshop

Hello all
Here’s a new picture, kinda cliché medieval/fantasy scene, but oh well, I had great fun doing it. No refs or 3D help this time.
Hope you like!


Cool ^^. Love the concepty style, kind of reminds me of craig mullins. Colours and composition are great! Has a lot of atmosphere, not cliché at all :slight_smile:


Great atmsphere! :thumbsup:


very nice zob !!!


Beautiful painting man!
Ilike your portfolio also, cool work!


Excelent piece again! I like it a lot, fantastic style with realistic ligtning, weel done 5stars :applause:


Brilliant work!!! Fantastic color and atmosphere!:thumbsup:


what i like most in this pic compared to your others is the storytelling feeling you have captured… and that you didn’t add any of those sci-fi/mechanical gayish things!!! f**k you…!! :thumbsup:


I really like this a lot! Great colors and atmosphere! The characters are great too… though I wish we as the viewer were a little more involved in the scene.


Wow, superb work, great colors and lighting!:thumbsup:


Mathias, this piece is exquisite! You’ve achieved a unique atmosphere, not common to these so called “cliché medieval/fantasy” pictures (but you probably know that, hehe). Your image is well balanced. The gorge in the middle really draws you into the picture, and the way you hide what is beyond it is really well done. Your speed painting technique shows through this one, once more, and it gives a wonderful textural feeling to the overall image.

Few images make you almost feel the cool fresh air like you’ve done here.
I really admire your work, and I would like thank you for posting with such regularity.



I’m glad to see you’re FINALLY submitting more to the finished work section m@. Most of your work belongs in here, regardless of whether you deem it finished or not. :smiley:

Make sure you check the big version guys… the detail is brilliant.


I very much like the choice of color and the nice depth/haze coming from the canyon. the compostion and the arrangement of content is also very cool. The thumbnail version (80px x 80px) of the image allready looks very realistic. Simply awesome!




wow, nice man,
nice lighting, nice sketchy felling, what kind of brushed did u use?
front page material, 5 stars.:thumbsup:


nice shot :thumbsup:


Great work dude! You did an awesome job again! Cheers


Absolutely lovely, great mood wonderfull rendered piece, a hammer :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: 5 ***** stuff


Incredible sketch! I love the colours and the “foggy” atmosphere. Greetings!


nice palette and atmosphere…:).


This is gorgeous Mathais! The texture work is spot on! Love it!