Medieval Scabbard Model Questions


Hi! I want to model a scabbard with its laced belt like you can see on the pictures. I am having difficulties especially with the slits in the core piece and the straps and how to thread those through. Further below you can see what I have so far. I am not sure how to proceed. I have tried a couple of things but it didn’t really work well. If you have any advice I would appreciate it!

Some questions:
How could I do the slits? Model them or do them completely in ZBrush somehow?
Regarding the leather straps / belt - does it look like that working with splines is the right way to do it here? I tried to cut the basic shape (edge) on the base mesh and then choose Create Shape (I had problems with the angles there). Or extrude/shell the cut-in polys from a copy of the base mesh? Or maybe use Marvelous Designer even? :smiley: I feel like that there is a better way to do it which I am not aware of… (and by the way, the low poly doesn’t have to have all the slits and the small details in its mesh, but I still would need to get them done for the high poly atleast somehow.)
Thank you for reading!