Medieval Airport, Dave Brinda (3D)


Title: Medieval Airport
Name: Dave Brinda
Country: United States
Software: CINEMA 4D, FreeHand, Photoshop

This image is a personal project created for the “Medieval Airport” competition over at Renderocity. The idea of the competition was what if flight had been invented during the Medieval era? What would the vehicles look like, how would they work, what would an airport look like, etc.

My concept centered around the idea of utilizing the natural forces available in the environment: the lift of hot air, the momentum of running water, the updraft of a canyon wall. The vehicles in this concept are a cross between a hot air balloon and an old sailing ship, and the idea is that hot air would provide lift and the propellers would provide thrust and maneuverability. The smaller vehicles would carry passengers and would be able to land at various towers around the complex, the heavier cargo vessels would land in the water and drift down to the load/unload dock. Once the cranes hand loaded the cargo ships, the would be let loose to run down stream gathering momentum, and as they ran off the edge of the waterfall and updraft would further assist in getting heavy load airborne. Similar to a modern-day aircraft carrier, two launching areas could accommodate a constant stream of traffic.

Hope you enjoy, and feel free to pass along any comments.



looks great. and i just had a lil question for you. if you were to animate that. would the water be falling or would it stay still like that. having said that, may i ask how you created water (fluids in cinema 4d for me are a big challenge)


Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback. I actually did a quick animated version…you can check it out here

The water under the castle (for the refections) is just some simple geometry with a water shader (mostly just reflection with some noise in the bump channel). The waterfall itself in the still version is just part of the background matte painting (from still photos). For the waterfall in the animated version I used the particle system in Apple Motion to create a few different falls (rendered as looping QTs with an alpha). Then it was just a matter of compositing them into the matte painting.

Hope that answers your question. I suppose you could do the waterfall in C4D if you wanted…I’m thinking StormTracer could have produced something like that. I’m just not quite up to speed with StormTracer yet…for me it was just easier to do in AE.


I love your picture! it has that sort of mix of precisiionism, and sense of humor, that I prefer in fantasy!.. hope to see more of your work!..


Great concept and execution, this is top class work.


I really like this man great work but there is one very little thing that is bugging me, the flags on the bottoms causeway, wouldnt the wind created by the waterfall blow them away from the falls? like i said a very ittle detail.


Pretty impressive and I love the concept too!


Really it,s a piece or art, totally of scene looks great, five stars for me.


picture and animation look 10/10. great job.


really like the homogenic look of it, though the image might gain more depth by setting the far background a little bit out of focus.

but still verry cooooool


This painting is very good.I like this painting very much.


I love this image! Great concept, very well thought out and executed.

(Ignore DOF issues. If this were a photo, everything from about 6" to infinity would be in focus in the bright sunlight.) That said, I can see where a tiny bit of atmo haze would be helpful. The wood of the gondola gets muddled with the rocky background.


You have created an amazing image. It makes me feel like I’m in middle of a wonderful story.


Wow. Very nice work.

I checked out the animation too. Seems like the foreground blimp could use a little more side to side motion? Something. Too smooth, too linear.

But great textures, great modeling, great concept.


This is awesome, can’t understand why you had a few replies, outstanding work.


A really nice image, great concept and well executed !

A few comments:
-The mountains in the background look copied on some places
-The stonetexture on the castle lacks a bit in realism
-The fire in the balloon in the foreground looks a bit odd.

but that’s just nitpicking, it’s a great piece of art :slight_smile:


like the idea…and execution of it…slick dave…laters.


Indeed. Very impressive and inspiring. I love works of this kind of scale :slight_smile: .


HAHAHAHA I LOVE THAT IDEA!! it’s one you dont see very often… if at all.

Nice work on the image man, a very clean attention to detail, proportion and perspective.

Really top notch :buttrock:


Seriously man, that animnation you did with it could have been a CG sequence straight out of one of the Final Fantasy games; IX in particular is coming to mind.
Amazing work! And excellent use of sensible physics.