Mechanical Venus 2, hodong la (3D)


Title: Mechanical Venus 2
Name: hodong la
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

I’ve wanted to express a different style of one of the remains in the Old Stone Age “Venus of Willendorf” silhouette.
It expresses the silhouettes of reproduction and parturition in new exaggerated way and it also possesses an entertaining element within this design.
The concept here was to switch the art piece so that it looks more mechanical-like. The reason for this was to represents the ever so changing current society as well.
I remember wanting to put in the meanings of reproduction and parturition, metal surfaces, exaggerated forms and interesting technical designs to create this art work.

Comments and critics are most welcome!

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I really, really love the design and final look of this. It’s just detailed enough, but still very clear. Incredible work!


this is fantastic concept, congratulations. And this “fog” effect is well executed in my opinion


wow very nice render and modeling love it the detail is there but I don’t like it fogginess

but hey very nice rendering love it job well done


Awesome… great work


Looks like a great design. I like it.


Very nicely done. Great modern interpretation of Venus of Willendorf. I see that small statue as the beginning of deity based worship, as do many others. Funny how all modern deitys are regarded as male yet she looks like a pregnant female. Makes you wonder ay? Anyway thats another topic all together.
Great lighting and feel with the image. Modelling is outstanding. Well done.


Great concept! I really like that design


Great work :thumbsup:
Very good mod and nice idea.
I love the rendering too.


Another great piece man! Love robot design so much, also render, shaders, etc. are great. Well done!:applause:


wow~ great work~


Very creative and Excellent modeling! I like it a lot!

Surreal entry:


Nice model and textures…I thing you should have
concentrated a little bit more on lighting and rendering…
ny way awesome work dude :applause::applause::applause:


wow amazing work & very nice detalis i like it 2 much

good lcuk 4 ever :beer:


looks great


the character modeling is very nice. Also the details are fantastic.


Awesome machine,would love to see him in action :thumbsup:


This is great, really nice robot :slight_smile: this sort of stuff is great. Well done :slight_smile: I’m modeling a robot my self, i’ll have to let u know when i get it finished


Good concept & final image.:eek:
It’s little bit similar with ‘Robot-X Vol02’ that your latest work. But It’s more stable and balanced. Good Job!


Veri nice work! :thumbsup: