Mechanical sleep , Vladimir Kufeld (3D)


Title: Mechanical sleep
Name: Vladimir Kufeld
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

My personal work: “Mechanical sleep”. Gears as people, too sleep and have dreams. But soon mechanics will enter, will wake them. Will engage steam coppers and the big work will begin! Approaching time Hadron Collider. In work were used 3dsMAX 2009, Vray, Photoshop. Comments are most welcome. Thaks.


Very nice, very nice my man! :argh:
Just the locomotive looks like is without colour. The rest is for 5*!!!


I think u did great job here,love the mood,I agree about the locomotive color


I love environments… and I love your environment as well :slight_smile: Only small thing is that I dont like cables on roof… but everything else looks so good… 4*


Wow, looks like a lot of work and effort went into that. Love it!


Beautifully intricate! 5*!


Talk about tasty amounts of detail! Great job! Everything looks amazing!


Cool! Realy cool!
Much details, great light and nice textures!


kagbe ahuenno:)
I think we do need an award in here.


thats fantastic man! Everything is great, perhaps a tiny bit too cluttered? but still great.

Good job


WOW, nice mood,
like it, done a good work

lage rahooo muna bahi…


huge hugeeee detail super jobb


yeah really nice, and great atmosphere. Great modeling, detail and textures. 5*


great details, excellent work :thumbsup:


beautiful scene… nice colors and texturing.

but the locomotive needs some tweaking with colors and texturing…

anyway… great modeling and texturing. :slight_smile:


amaizing work, i like it :applause: 5* from me


amazing details man :smiley:


Wow so beautyful and full of details. Amazing work 5*!


front page material

i’d love to see a clay render of that
do u have one?



Very nice light and textures 5* :smiley: