Mechanical Scorpion, Banshee (3D)


Hi guys!

I modelled this little guy during the last 5-6 evenings.
It´s Max5.1, about 1.3 million faces, rendertime about 1 hour (1 Ghz, 256 MB Ram :annoyed: )

Hope you like it!


EDIT: I added some wires on page 4, 5 and 6 of this thread.

EDIT: Added a new, slightly different version with a shiny metal for the mechanics. Which one do you prefere? :

Thank you all for your c&c´s!


…amazing… absolutely amazing…


amazing work!:thumbsup:


Awesome work, it could use some better shadows and a scene. Other people have done mechanical scorpions before, I believe this is now the best… :beer:


woow… not that is what I call detailed model. IMPRESSIVE!:applause:


very nice modeling.I love the details.:love:


:eek: OMG!


:beer: great!!!


Wow! Thank you for your response!
And BIG thanks for the front-page plug!
That was propably the last thing I expected! :drool:




(one minute of absolute silence)

Holy crap man can we see some closeups? Especially the hooks near his “eyes” and the legs do interest me. And a wire… please? Very very good scene, very detailed.

Wish I could do that :rolleyes:


Great piece you got there!:applause:

Do you have any more views or details of the scorpion.:thumbsup:


absolutely incredible :buttrock:

Seldom have I seen such detail in a model…

really amizing and beautyful work :applause:



@Garma & Zag: I´m actually quite glad that my old PC did THIS render, so I don´t have any more views at the moment. I´m at work now, but tonight I can certainly get a wireframe and some closeups (“head”, legs, whatever…) rendered. There are actually a lot more details underneath the shell, the whole mechanic parts are attached to each other. Maybe I´ll remove the shell (do you say that? shell? Sorry, German :slight_smile: ) and post the raw mechanic parts tomorrow. Let´s see what my PC says :annoyed:

Thanks again, I was really getting annoyed with this model during the last 2 days and your response is very “refreshing” :beer:


I have seen many different variations of machined creatures, varying from different styles, but this one in particular works perfectly in portraying what I feel would be how a mechanical scorpion would look like. The way the outer body layer curls over the machinery below, stretching out beneath the legs to form the structure is something to be admired.

Perhaps if you added a darker background with various lights surrounding certain areas of the body, it would give the model a sense of depth. Of course this is only a suggestion.

The model looks digitally painted with a wacom, rather that an actual model, which to me is a good thing. I feel it adds to the picture, with that slight etches to the colour.

The model has been constructed very well, so there’s nothing more to say other than good job.


nice!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


WOW :thumbsup: Awsome model :applause:


:applause: :applause:

I see i have myself a new wallpaper then!! Fantastic.

Any chance you could post a rendered wireframe the same size??



really nice stuff u got there m8! Things that might improve the pic could b to try and up the contrst between the scorpion thingie and the white BG, it kinda melts in to much now I think. The shader u used for the brownish metal looks realy cool :slight_smile: What app did u use for this?


Scorpions have 8 legs…:stuck_out_tongue:
but very nice anyway


@Wolf S: :stuck_out_tongue:
I know, most Scorpions do. I had some Reference-Photos of 8-legged and 6-legged scorpions and made sth like a compromise and changed one pair of legs to those little “hooks”-things at the front.

@H3rbie: I used Max5.1 for modeling and rendering. The metall is basically just a simple prozedural steel material with glossy reflections and a very fine bump-mapping, specular mapping and a high-res environment-map.

@MVP: Yes, I´m going to render some closeups and wireframes, propably tonight.

Thanks guys!!! :beer: