Mechanical rigging challenge


Hi Todd!
how is going? Are you planning any new challenge? any chance for March?
I could not take part to the last one, hope to have time for this one :slight_smile:




Awww, man. I thought this was a new challenge. Wouldn’t mind doing a mechanical challenge. Anywho, when is the next challenge?


May I look like Todd? I don’t have beard, I’m pretty sure about that :smiley:
Sorry, it’s my fault, I probably opened a thread in a wrong place. I was impatient to know something about that.



lol, glad you dont look like me…its scary enough being told I look like a bunch of musicians…most recently James Hetfield, which I still cant figure out how they saw that one.

Anyways, I am planning a new one, gotta find a good model for it first. I like the idea of a mechanical challenge actually, since we have been doing organics all the time.

It will probably be the first of April when it kicks off, mainly because of my up coming workshop and how busy things at work have been.

What is everyone intersted in doing…mech/robot, vehicle, machinery???



I say Mechs, robots or machinery, not vehicles.


Wouldn’t mind doing a mech.


I would be interested in mech or vehicle.


Look like a rock star is not to bad, there is something worse ;). Out of curiosity, what do your friends usually do in their spare time?!

Anyway, every kind of mechanical challenge is fine for me. Could be interesting to study a quadruped robot :slight_smile: (I’m not really familiar with mech setup, It’s a good opportunity to get more close).




I wouldnt mind something with tracks, havnt had the chance to do that yet
Or maybe a 6 legged mech with crazy moving artillery?

Certainly wouldnt mind doing somekind of steampunk war machine! But I guess we would have to get lucky with models there to be so persific :slight_smile:


Any of these suggestions would be nice. I personally would love to get may hands on this.


I’m intersted in doing of machinery, robotic, vehicle and mechanical rigging.


I’m pretty new to Max, but I’ve been fascinated with the Steam Punk genre for quite awhile now…
I’m in the process of creating a steam-powered Cat robot, but I am having a hard time finding good tutorials for rigging gears, u-joints, hinges, etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated…
I plan to enter as many challenges as I can to improve my skills, so count me in!


correct me if i am totally wrong, but i remember someone saying that the HMC Steampunk models were going to be used for a future rigging challenge. Anyone else recall seeing this?


not sure about the steampunk one, Roberto and I had discussed it during the halloween comp last year, but most the modelers dont want to give up their models. Thats why most come from William Vaughn, as he is nice enough to give out free ones all the time.

I havent had time to work on modeling anything myself, trying to get some time, as I have a few ideas for things I want to try.

As for the friends questions, most either drink, watch movies, a few snowboard, a few are musicians. I have a family, so most of my time is spent with them, and watching movies…along with getting back in shape.

I am more intersted in seeing an intersting mech to rig, I have a great idea, just no time to model it(nor good design skills any more)



send the model, I will get it converted over to a couple formats and we can use it…then you can see how a bunch of others would rig it as well.



Hi everybody,
[i]I love the idea, I think that a Cat robot is pretty cool, quadruped, mech robot and I really love cats! In any case, thanks chimchim5040 and thanks to Todd to manage all :slight_smile:



I will send the model eventually, but I’m bogged down in the details right now. A few WIP shots might be coming in the next week or two…


I’d love to participate in one of these challanges again. Please do make it happen. I would like to try and make this rig in Maya (I am in the process of learning it) and maybe after, for the fun of it, do something crazy with it in good ol’ max:) Please, keep us informed!


im still new to rigging but this sounds like alot of fun. I think it would be cool to do johnny 5 or something like these…


“Mechanical rigging challenge” sounds grt, may be i can utilize my free time…