Mechanical rig rotation lock issues


I rarely need to do animation so I’m a noob at it. I’ve been struggling to solve this for almost a week, hopefully someone can give me a tip that unlocks my brain.

Here is what I need to animate in max:

Here is what I got so far doing manual animation (the green cylinders are supposed to overlap at all times.):

Manually animating both groups to match is impossible, so i’m thinking on creating some kind of rig that locks the green cylinders together. but I have no idea on how to do that.

Anything will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Lolec.
That is a hard one because of circular dependency issues.
Assuming all rotations have equal or consistent values on different directions:
You can try to parent them on one direction (do not try to close the circle while parenting) and use wire parameters on corresponding rotational axis.