Mechanical concept designs:


Hello everyone. Here are a couple of new concept drawings:


ouch! :eek:
sooooooo beautyful (i prefer the first one)


Very good design, I prefer the first too :applause:


…amazing …!!!"
really good concept drawings :thumbsup: !!!"


Very nice concept sketches. I prefer the first one as well.


Cool sketches for sure. great technique. quite similar to Alex Ross.

the first one is really good as a concept, really better than the second one wich may need some more work on general proportions to get really cool.


Hey! Is is great feeback! Thanks y’all. I love to know other artist’s take on ideas, concept and delivery. Thanks for the responses! :slight_smile: It really helps to know what is liked and disliked.
I know I will sound silly but, who is Alex Ross? I’m a bit sheltered I guess.
Here is another one from my gallery:

This #3 is a sketch concept of a space fighter which I drew about 3 years ago. I just like the design:


Very nice is all i can say, great pencil work, i like detail too so is thumbs up from me.

Id say the first ship and the last bot with tracks are far the best its just the detail man



Hey Thanks! I love this feedback, it’s great. I love knowing why you like some over the others, that’s very helpful for my future drawings and design ideas.
Thanks you all!


Very nice. Haven’t seen this style in use since the 80’s! It’s quite refreshing though. I’d LOVE to see some of those designs translated to 3D and used in a movie.


beatuful consept,nice job:thumbsup:


Wow, thanks y’all! :slight_smile:

So which one(s) do you like the best? I’m very curious. It’s so helpful to know.
You all are great, thanks for the responces!

dragunzng: Yes, I would like to build the first one at the top - the speeder car coincidentally, that is my latest concept drawing. Just finished it last week - took me a day and a half. But, I didn’t work on it straight. The engine area has a lot of detail.


good detail and cool concepts, but you still have some perspective issues on two of the ships.


I don’t use rulers or perspective lines (ie: horizon lines and rulered vanishing points) I just eye it however, though I don’t use rulers, I do visualize the perspectives before I start, draw a few light guide lines and continually monitor the process throughout the drawing. These are concepts drawings so I don’t need them to be mathematically perfect. That’s what 3D apps are for :D.
I draw concepts to describe the idea/shape/concept.
Though I am curious, what part of the two that you mentioned do you see the perspective problem? Not that I could fix them at this point but, it would help for future drawings.
Thanks for the response! I appreciate the feedback.


Nice work Ramon, I love a good pencils sketch, there’s nowhere to hide when it’s just you and a pencil.

I can’t for the life of me see the “perspective issues” in the two ships, although (it might be just me, but) there seems to be something wrong perspective wise in the tracks of the completed robot.

Great job mate!



I was in awe in front of your jetcar sketch and I was asking myself if you could give me the permission to model it…if I do model it, it won’t be in the next days tho but when I get some free time in a month maybe. I’ll see. I hope i’ll receive an affirmative answer from you, but you,re the boss! :stuck_out_tongue:

will be waiting for an answer…


I like your work a lot. I have always had a soft spot for sketches like these. I showed them to my son for inspiration because he is just starting to draw as well. He really enjoyed them. Can’t wait to see others as you progress. :thumbsup:


Nice drawings!!


Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
x-warrior: Actually, it’s funny, I am planning on building it as well, but, sure you can, I would only ask that you mention me as the concept designer when displaying it. I’m honored. Thanks.
I’ve been drawing my whole life, well, since I was 3 I think? Anyways, it’s in the blood and it’s my life.

Here’s another little silly creation of mine, tough to pet though:


It really is a minor thing but here is what I meant in my previous post:

+The first ship in this post - the nose of the ship has a rounded shape. Keeping this in mind, it still appears to curve towards the point of view. The outline of the side beyond the point makes it so.

+The second drawing of the second set (under the robot with tracks) - The small attachments on the wings are angled differently. (I must stress that this is a very minor detail). You also started a trend of making the left (the ship’s right) inner wing shrink with distance, but you did not continue this with the anterior part. This, combined with the gun mounted on the wings causes the left (ship’s right) wing to seem like it sticks out too much, though it actually doesn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love your work. Just trying to help.