Mechanic walk cycle


current WIP is of a fat mechanic. (link in my sig)

looking to make this walk cycle really fit him.

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I’d re-render the cycle from the side; I can’t tell what’s going on. From what I can see he’s not holding any weight on his legs. Try and add some impacts from his weight hitting the ground. He also looks like he’s leaning too far back.


He needs to be leaning further forward, and you need to apply a more extreme dip in the root on the crossover section, Id agree that you should also look at implementing a further drop in the root to emphasise the impact. Also I would look at offsetting your keys in the curve editor, from the root/waist upwards to get more bounce in the waist, chest and head and also to apply drag to the the arms.


If you want to go for secondary action in the arms and hands, you need to animate the hands in the opposite direction they are going now. Right now your right hand rotates forward as the arm goes forward, but its more natural to have it rotate backwards, since your hand drags that way when you walk.


woah… so busy with school. tried to hit every comment…

so here is a signifigant update.


be harsh plz…

  • sorry guys, drag and drop link to address bar *



if the “foot down” is going to have more impact, the stomach [beer belly] and chest [man mammary] would have a jiggle or quick bounce, usually when the toe comes into contact with the floor…



the belly jiggle is going to have to wait… till after siggraph.

here is what i think i am going with. still a bit poppy in the legs…

lemme know what you think
screen cap



I seriusly apreciate thet U are starting your tests from the walking cile, that shows that You are realy interested in good animation :thumbsup:
happened that I was able to see only the firsone of your attachments but i seriusly sudgest You to loop it and see if it works correctly and if U whant to save time and have better result get the book “:bowdown: survival kit for animators:bowdown:” from Williams Richard that it is the bible for any animators.


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