MechaHateChimp's Drawing Article in ImagineFX Magazine! - FREE pdf here


[left]Congratulations to Joel on his new article, as part of a series, in ImagineFX! :slight_smile:

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Originally posted by MechaHateChimp / Joel Carlo:
[left] This is part two of the Life Drawing Essentials series I did for ImagineFX issue 008. If you did not have a chance to pick up the issue, Ive provided a pdf for download with permission from Rob Carney (ImagineFX editor). Right click on the image above and do a “save as” to download.
[left]To see more of MechaHateChimp’s / Joel’s Anatomy work, click here:

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BOOOOOO!!! This guys SUCKS!!! :scream:


as a matter of fact i did pickup this issue at my local store, it looks familiar somehow, then i realized it’s somebody from the forum who made the tutorial. great works joel


Hey! I picked up the magazine also as well as the issue before. They are nice articles! Part of the reason I picked them up!! Great job Joel!! :thumbsup:



Congratulations Mecha! You rule, really man.I took 4 years of ruling and all of my knowledge points to you ruling. I’m aiming for my masters in ROCK! now.


Devin and Zane: Thanks so much!

Isaias: Dude, Im getting my PHD in KICK ASS!!! Thanks for the compliments brotha! :smiley:


The Chimp has posted part 3 of 3 of his series on Life Drawing Essentials here as a pdf. Check it out! :slight_smile:


WOOT! Your technique is bad @ss Mecha.:buttrock: Question Mecha: Are you a Mecha who hates chimps(Mecha/HateChimp) or are you a chimp filled with mecha hate(Mechahate/Chimp)? I can’t figure out this quandary…:curious:


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