Mecha Hate Chimp's Sketchbook Thread of Love


hey joel!

-those new ones looks sweet. which mediums did you use beside photoshop? -charcoal or a very soft pencil?

btw. just recieved my first imaginefx magazine. great article:)



Excellent work Joel,
Just saw your studies in I bet it feels good to get back into life studies. Strong and the knowledge is there. The back view sketches have a sculpural sense to them that I really like. Great work. Keep posting more.


That corpulent lady is indeed mighty impressive… and not because of her size!
Thanks for reminding me I have to think more about where I want to draw a line and what kind of line I want it to be.


Mecha - Those sketches are strong. It amazed me to find out it was digital. They look so traditional. Great job, especially the last one.


Bumping this message out of oblivion :wink:


SNAP! Geat work Joel. I’m sooo jacking your brush settings.


Hi All!

Havent posted in a while… its been a busy month! I was recently commissioned to put together a figure drawing tutorial for I took the liberty of recording my session and putting a video together. The html tutorial should be up and accessible through soon, but you can watch the 2 hour video outlining my work flow here:

High Bandwidth Video (47MB):

Low Bandwidth Video (13MB):

I’ll be posting regularly in the next week or so as I clean my plate off and make time for some super duper sexy time drawing. Its nice! - Joel


Open Figure Drawing Workshop #021


The devil is turning out nicely, and getting a look at all three stages is very interesting. The link to your vid tutorial is a little off, there is some oddities at the front and on the tail. Trim that off and it works, but I thought you might want to clear up the link. I appreciate the effort, I really enjoy video of how other people work :slight_smile:


These are beautiful figure studies, really nice to look at all of them. That devil guy is coming along great too, I’d like to see how far you take him :slight_smile:


Hi Joel! great to see you posting again! really love the devil drawing!.. actually I like the drawing better than the painted version! i think that the accent on the left shoulder was somewhat lost while you painted it.:slight_smile:


Hey Joel

great workshop! (wish I could participate in a more active way)

can’t wait to get off work to see that video!


kary - thanks for the compliments and for the heads up on the video links… not sure what happened but they are fixed now :slight_smile:

roja - thanks the kind words… I may not take the devil too far from where he is now. I tend to lean more towards a loose style but I might clean him up a little more provided I get some time this week.

anandpg - I hear you there… things do tend to get lost as an image progresses.

I’ve always taken more to the look of loose work over completely rendered images but its a personal appeal for everyone. I tend to feel as though I dont put enough into an image if I dont follow through with a finalized render though so its a bit of a battle for me. I think at the end of the day it just trusting what feels right to you and hoping that not too much of the best elements in your initial roughs are lost or left behind.

NR43 - Thanks! I keep saying I’m gonna do more videos but they are pretty time consuming and time is something I seem to never have enough of. Hope you enjoy it and thanks again! - J


Mr. Hate Chimp,

I just looked through your entire sketchbook, really fantastic stuff! You have great expression, anatomy and lines (oh, those lines!). My only regret is a couple images are missing from your front page, I’d really like to see that Belly Dancer image that RebeccaK likened to Sargent’s El Jaleo (sp?).

Keep at it!


Man, that devil is coming out super nice. I hear you on the loosenesss = personal touch feeling. I agree. Perfection is boring and bland.Robotic to me. New tuts too! I missed that. Thanks man!:bounce: You rock. Don’t forget to sleep!


Hi all!

Been a minute since I posted on this thread…

This is the last figure study I did from a live model and brought into PS… came out kinda poopy:


Some miscellaneous portraits Ive posted on


Hey booboo, good to see you drawing again. :slight_smile: Basically I am looking forward to getting my ass kicked at the Workshop. Hopefully my humiliation will not be documented on film. But, it probably will be. Chagrin

I have to consider your present. Maybe a pimp hat…


your work is really great.iconic…keep postin :thumbsup:


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